Enders Rangers
Gang Information

Gang Id: 6597
Owner: Ender Card
Darkwind Premium Member: No
Global Fame: anonymous
Home Town: Somerset
Open for PvP?: NO
Primary Faction: None (Renegade)

SomersetLocally anonymous
ElmsfieldLocally anonymous
GatewayLocally anonymous
BadlandsLocally anonymous
TexanLocally anonymous
SarsfieldLocally anonymous
MorganLocally anonymous
FirelightLocally anonymous
ShantyvilleLocally anonymous

Badlands TruckstopNeutral
Deathrace MafiaNeutral
Evan RedsNeutral

The world of man fell, the civilized world unable or unwilling to change its ways, charred the face of the earth as the environmental and climate changes erased the world we knew of gluttuny and consumerism. Replacing it with vast wastelands were the desperate remnants of man fight for remaining scraps of the old world.

This new world is a deadly and desolate nomans land. A untamed world where the only law, the only justice, is that found at the end of a smoldering barrel afixed to your combat vehicle!

Enders Rangers formed under the leadership of Ender Card to survive, and when possible offer a luxury rarely seen in this new barren wasteland...they deliver fairness and justice where they can, and to stand for those that cant stand for themselves. The rival gangs are not sure what to make of these new upstarts and their values, but the citizens of the wasteland breath more easily when they see the shiney black vehicles of Enders Rangers on the prowl. Helping those and need and delivering ruthless justice to those that deserve it!