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GangUserGlobal FameFactionBased
Napalm LullabyNPC (Pirates)recognisedRenegadeBadlands Truckstop
nenedentesergio da silvaanonymousRenegadeSomerset
New era of the ArmadilloZainiaxanonymousRenegadeSomerset
Nine Lunatics: GWNPC (Pirates)renownedRenegadeGateway Truckstop
Nine Lunatics: SSNPC (Pirates)recognisedRenegadeSomerset
No Aiming Just Shooting*K1500*anonymousDeathrace MafiaGateway Truckstop
North Desert Co-OperativeNPC (Traders)recognisedEvan RedsElmsfield
North Desert MaraudersNPC (Pirates)recognisedRaidersElmsfield
Northern Desert SaintsNPC (Arena Combateers)anonymousRenegadeSomerset
Northern Mutant AllianceNPC (Pirates)recognisedMutantsSomerset
Not FriendsDempsey UlililiaanonymousRenegadeSomerset
Nuevo BandidosNPC (Pirates)prominentAnarchistsTexan
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