The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'The Punisher' Frank CastleSteel VendettaThe Wilderness2017-08-16
William 'Roy' RodgersCotten Creek OutlawsThe Wilderness2017-08-16
Thomas 'Drac' SmithThe DarksideThe Wilderness2017-08-14
Thomas started as a driver, working his way thru the leagues. He didn`t win anything notable until the Geek Demolition Race that landed the gang a special, one of a kind Phoenix Chassis. Thomas became big headed and got heavy into addictions. It was those addictions that caused him to be very slow and unable to fire a rifle at close range, even to save his own life from a mutant beetle. It was for the best and now he can rest and we always will have that Pho to remind us of him.
Angelique 'Friendly Fire' RosalezEngineThe Wilderness2017-08-12
Frederick 'eyes open' KiddThose guys over thereThe Wilderness2017-08-12
Walter 'Too Tall' JonesPA RacersThe Wilderness2017-08-11
'Not that' Alan JacksonPee Wees PlayhouseThe Wilderness2017-08-09
James 'uWillBeMissed' RomeroPee Wees PlayhouseThe Wilderness2017-08-07
Valerie 'TRUNK' JunkerGO FORNICATE YERSELFSomerset Hospital2017-08-04
Ann CooleySplurs ScroungersSomerset Hospital2017-08-04
Gary 'duby' Dubethe fablous gordThe Wilderness2017-07-31
'The Phoenix' Jean GreySteel VendettaThe Wilderness2017-07-30
Joe EnriquezRough TradeThe Wilderness2017-07-27
Timothy 'Fix It Now' JacksonSteel VendettaThe Wilderness2017-07-26
Mae 'Or May Not' PerezPee Wees PlayhouseThe Dunes2017-07-26
I must be some special kind of retarded to keep putting my best drivers in races.
Eugene PelletierShineyThe Wilderness2017-07-24