The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'Gangster' Yvette RamirezThe Flying CircusNorthern Foothills Racetrack2020-03-31
David DiazPostapocalypse PaladinsThe Wilderness2020-03-31
Patrick SmithPostapocalypse PaladinsThe Wilderness2020-03-31
Joshua HuPostapocalypse PaladinsThe Wilderness2020-03-31
Krista BellPostapocalypse PaladinsThe Wilderness2020-03-31
Carolyn CrousePostapocalypse PaladinsThe Wilderness2020-03-31
Hee HeAvenged SevenfoldThe Wilderness2020-03-31
Robin EkstromInterstate 82The Wilderness2020-03-30
Stormy 'Daniels' AgeeLongos Merry MenThe Wilderness2020-03-30
After The Legendary Hummer IV went ablaze following a fluke heavy rocket strike from a King Silage on the road to Somerset, Stormy and her fellow gangers reluctantly abandoned their vehicle. Stormy was the last to exit, and was immediately killed by a Silage CGL round. Our Allies in Raven Lunatics killed every last opponent, getting swift revenge for the Merry Men.
Justin ClaytonThe Salthill SluggerzSomerset Junkyard Arena2020-03-29
Michael 'Wheres My ' CokerKrashed and BurntThe Wilderness2020-03-29
Emma RhymesKrashed and BurntThe Wilderness2020-03-29
Willie 'Medic' HallThe VanguardsThe Wilderness2020-03-28
Desiree 'Dezza' BrownThe VanguardsThe Wilderness2020-03-28
'Greasy Dick' Richard CostilloThe VanguardsThe Wilderness2020-03-28
Gerald PooleRenshaiDeadman`s Drop2020-03-28