The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'Lucky' Thomas JeffersonRaven LunaticsThe Wilderness2018-08-16
Donald LoganRenshaiThe Wilderness2018-08-14
Alice 'In Chains' BunchDanterrans DilettantesThe Wilderness2018-08-14
Samantha SteeleDanterrans DilettantesThe Wilderness2018-08-14
Larry RowanRenshaiThe Wilderness2018-08-10
'Frigid' Ray RaperDrive Backwards BFFsSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Tom 'is big and' HarryDriveByRomanceSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Victor 'Los Olores' RosasDriveByRomanceSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Christie EdwardsThe copsSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Patricia 'mama mia' FariasthebillsSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Devoted her life to the cause, no one knows what cause, but she devoted her life to it!
William 'the brave' ShaferthebillsSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Stephanie 'Steamy' MillerThe PanthersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Dante 'Danger' ValenciaPale RidersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Samuel 'Nails' NobleBattle RoyaleSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Sherrie 'Xmas' CarrollBrassicasSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Jonah '5ive Guns' Utter5ive CrewSomerset Hospital2018-08-05