The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Wilhemina 'Panky' HankersonCryptKeepersRing of Death Arena2020-02-13
Traci 'Raven' BrownRaven LunaticsThe Wilderness2020-02-11
Allen 'EvelEaBreaker' QuintonRolloversThe Wilderness2020-02-11
Barbara 'Gunshow' ArredondoProject CerberusThe Wilderness2020-02-10
'Deadshot' Michael RomeroAvenged SevenfoldThe Wilderness2020-02-09
Michael couldn`t walk fast enough to avoid sliding down the slight incline he`d found himself on while hunting lasers. His old age caused him to be murderized by a Cutlass. After years of sprinting around on foot in order to loot rare weapons and chassis`, he`s finally been forced into retirement.
Lynn 'Genital Herpe' MillerThe Trouser AttacksThe Wilderness2020-02-09
Courtney SchulerTHERAPISTSThe Wilderness2020-02-09
Kesha 'Teisha' RichmondSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2020-02-09
'The Russian' Ivan HurtKings of MetalSomerset Hospital2020-02-07
Mixing alchohol, novocaine, and zerk did not end well for this old warrior. Found him in the cab of Over the Top just hours after our last scout. R.I.P. Ivan.
Charles WeltyGrindHouseSomerset Hospital2020-02-07
Judy 'Browntown' BrownCestus DeiThe Wilderness2020-02-07
Christopher MartinoKekistani Meme VeteransThe Wilderness2020-02-07
Jared BlasingameTHERAPISTSThe Wilderness2020-02-07
Patrick NolanTHERAPISTSThe Wilderness2020-02-07
Matthew AhmedTHERAPISTSThe Wilderness2020-02-07
'killer' Justin CrewDarkwinds Most WantedThe Wilderness2020-02-06