The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Emily 'Drives A' FordEternal TravelersThe Wilderness2017-12-12
Madelyn StevensLobotomizersThe Pit2017-12-10
Claudio 'Fish Lips' GrimesSteel VendettaThe Wilderness2017-12-10
'Balls' Steven WelshEl NubnubsThe Pit2017-12-10
William MintonI.C.E InterCityEscortThe Wilderness2017-12-10
Justin 'PSYco' DewittRabid GroundhogsThe Wilderness2017-12-08
Robert ChildressPA RacersThe Wilderness2017-12-07
Robert 'Cheel' ChoThe Impure wcbcr0ach BrotherhoThe Wilderness2017-12-07
Shon 'Stripped up ' CoppolaThe Impure wcbcr0ach BrotherhoThe Wilderness2017-12-07
Albert 'Longshanks' ShanklinKaizers OrchestraThe Pit2017-12-06
'Gooden' Margarita HeddenSuperAwesome VillainsForever!The Wilderness2017-12-06
Mary 'Mum' Kellyblue rockThe Wilderness2017-12-06
Mark RomeroPiGFaCeThe Wilderness2017-12-05
Chris 'P' BaconGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2017-12-04
Clint 'Marshal' McCoyZombified Piratey NinjasThe Wilderness2017-12-03
David 'Fifty-cal' WebbZombified Piratey NinjasThe Wilderness2017-12-03