The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Dudley 'The Driver' DurdenThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-20
Eunice 'Rub Tub' DubinThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-20
Kimberly 'Killer' SmithThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-19
'Squeegie' Michael VelasquezTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2018-11-18
Started as a pledge in Gateway, first partnered with
Raylene `Start the` Slaughter

2017-02-02 Recruited by Turner, Harvest and Ramirez
2017-02-12 Received a nickname
2017-02-15 Level 1 Rapid Reloading specialism
2017-02-17 Injury: ripped calf muscle
2017-03-06 Injury: broken ribs, damaged muscles and tendons
2017-03-06 Injury: broken ankle, torn foot tendons
2017-03-16 Injury: broken ribs, torn chest muscles and tendons
2018-01-30 Injury: minor stomach muscle damage
2018-01-30 Injury: minor arm muscle damage
2018-02-24 Injury: minor arm muscle damage
2018-03-01 Transferred. Leader of Wasp Crew
2018-03-03 Level 1 Sniper specialism
2918-04-08 Level 1 Motivator specialism
2018-04-09 Injury: minor arm muscle damage
2018-04-13 Lost Benny `Fruit Machine` Baer
2018-04-13 Walked the wasteland
2018-04-27 Lost Willie Guerrero
2018-04-28 Injury: torn thigh muscle
2018-04-28 Injury: in a coma
2018-05-10 Injury: chipped shoulder blade
2018-05-10 WASP crew massacred
2018-05-10 Walked the Wasteland
2018-05-11 Transferred to lead Somerset Reserves
2018-06-05 SCL IV 2089
2018-06-06 Lost `Rocketman ` William Benz
2018-09-22 Lv 1 Rapidshot specialism
2018-09-15 Trapped in burning car with Raylene
`Start the` Slaughter. Raylene died.
2018-10-15 Injury: infected burns on the torso
2018-10-15 Took leadership of St Louis Rams
2018-10-22 Lv 2 Motivator specialism
2018-10-26 Lv 1 Moving Targets specialism

Died in Cyber Formation ambush outside Gateway. Leg blown off then mown down.
'Angle-Grinder' Vicky BeckTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2018-11-18
Left the camp for the first time in years. An error of judgement as it happens. Ambushed by Cyber Formation, run over by a Trash Truck.
Clara HudsonDanterrans DilettantesThe Wilderness2018-11-18
Carl GarnerScarzams SandmenSomerset Hospital2018-11-16
Lethal combination of Alcohol and Steroids did him in.
Tyler 'Jerome' RichardsTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2018-11-12
Started out as a scout and showed everyone he was good at it. Nerves of steel and Guts that never hesitated. Tyler spent most of his life traveling between BL and GW. He had courier runs down to a science. He wore out BPUs just for fun. Eventually he wanted more. Hunting for bounties in Pirate Canyon against the largest bounties he could find.
He was great with the rifle and enjoyed killing from the high cliffs. When he pierced the roof he was all smiles.

Dean 'Monty' WayTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2018-11-12
One of the best scouts to be apart of the FireDragons. Dean came from the south and before long traveled all over. Courageous and wild at the wheel. There was nowhere he would not go. Mr Monty could smell ambush and even then he did drove towards it. Speed that is what he wanted and that`s what he had. Wish you were still spinning tires and grinding gears.
Fred 'Rad Man' TempleTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2018-11-12
Fred hadn`t been around a long time. Recruited in BL he usually just run town events and serviced the fleet housed in the local garage. But he grew bored and wanted more so he started training with his side arm and joined the gangers who were bounty hunting out of BL. Life gets short when you live it fast. The Rad Man proved that.
Elizabeth 'Buckshot' BaileySkull RippersDouble Down Arena2018-11-05
'Doctor' Herbert Pattersonrebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2018-11-05
Jeremiah BreedenKaytis KillersThe Wilderness2018-11-04
Theresa CannonKaytis KillersThe Wilderness2018-11-04
'Sir ' Curtis JohnsonRoad TemplarsThe Wilderness2018-11-04
AT 57 he went out in style... awesome shot was killed in a gun fight. like any good gun slinger would prefer
'Double Heavy' Beryl Zimmermanrebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2018-11-04