The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Grady TuthillSplurs ScroungersThe Wilderness2019-07-22
Mark 'Quick Hands' BanksThe TacticalsThe Wilderness2019-07-20
Luck suddenly left this cowboy.

Another victim of broken physics. He just exited a Bus about to stop, but suddenly the tires goes slingshot and ends up smashing him with the side of the bus, and for some reason, defied the laws of physics and ends up KILLING him in one hit... Then our trader clients decided to `have fun` by pulverizing his body down into the sand.

These mishaps are starting to become annoying. This is already the fifth PSI user dead; one by stupid causes. It`s like the universe is starting to rip me apart already.

We`re losing a lot of people lately every month, most of them by dumb accidents.
'Smokin' Helen Adamsrebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2019-07-20
Recruited in late 2018, Helen would overcome an early timidity in combat to establish herself as a well rounded driver, gunner rapidshot, and top-notch scout pathfinderx2. Killed just shy of her third scouting specialty in a James `Dispenser de` Paez led mission to bring a new buzzer back from Badlands.
Steven 'Big Ol' LarsonDead StopThe Wilderness2019-07-17
Antonio 'Will Not' DyeThe DarksideThe Wilderness2019-07-14
Apparently, Antonio did
Charles 'Patches' BlaylockRabid GroundhogsThe Wilderness2019-07-14
Elissa 'IV' YoungbloodRizon OniSomerset Super Speedway2019-07-12
The Fourth Youngblood, `IV` is the first to make it to the hall of fame. A talented driver/gunner, her death is a reminder to all that the Somerset Super Speedway is not worth racing on, ever.
Richard 'Porn Korn' PokornyThe Wolf SpidersSomerset Hospital2019-07-12
Charles 'Treasure' MappAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
'Pig Cartel' Robert MartellAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
'Brass Balls' Preston BrasfieldAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Bernard 'TheAnatomical' CarpenterAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Eric AllenAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Dorothy CallaghanAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Odessa ChrismanAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Elbert 'Powered by' SolerAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11