The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'senseless' Arturo JohnsonthebillsThe Wilderness2017-03-29
Gladys 'J' NotothebillsThe Wilderness2017-03-29
Alfred 'f' ReedthebillsThe Wilderness2017-03-29
Stephen Greenwood7624271967The Wilderness2017-03-24
Stupid Stupid Stupid. A punch up outside of Somerset just taught me a valuble lesson about ram cars.
'Captain' Malcolm Reynoldsan0maly -CI-Somerset Hospital2017-03-24
Michael DowdyRagnaks ReaversSomerset Hospital2017-03-24
Elvin 'The Dwarf' ParrishDeath UnlimitedRing of Death Arena2017-03-23
The old man got killed by a vengeful Pincer driver even after resigning. Well, I guess he did fire once after he resigned. But still, that was brutal.
Johnny HustonOriginal GangstersThe Wilderness2017-03-23
Jennifer BiblerOriginal GangstersThe Wilderness2017-03-23
Jeffery GayhartOriginal GangstersThe Wilderness2017-03-23
Kate MaraThe Purple FoxesThe Wilderness2017-03-22
Brenda 'and Eddie' RomeroWomens Auxiliary Balloon CorpsSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Mark 'Tequi' LarosaBroot ForceSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Roger '462' McMichaelSmoker U Drink, Player U GetSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Mauro BarberLord of RocketsSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Victor WellbornLord of RocketsSomerset Hospital2017-03-19