The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
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Henry LogsdonThe police forceThe Pit2019-01-10
Henry was an outstanding mech.

He lost his life trying to earn his freedom in the Pit of firelight.

Kill all slavers! was his last words.
'Bouncy Bouncy' Kate UptonThe Purple FoxesThe Pit2019-01-10
Richard JacksonSaltnPeppaThe Wilderness2019-01-05
Doris SmithPA RacersThe Wilderness2019-01-05
Jefferey 'RedRam' ChaffeeTheFireDragonsGateway Interstate Figure 8 Track2019-01-05
John 'Bitter' MurphyFreewheel BurningThe Wilderness2019-01-03
Wilford 'Body' Aikenrebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2018-12-30
S960749- Rising to prominence as the gang`s second in command and most experienced driver after the death of Adam `Original Sin` Hungate, Wilford `Body` Aiken would take the gang`s lone buzzer, rebelBunker 1, out for the last time on 30 December. Crewed by a solid large gunner, Johnny Machuca, and sniper, Sharon Miller, and flanked by two rebelRunners, the squad wouldn`t be overly stressed by an encounter with two NMA sedans, a pick-up, and a phoenix. Plunging the buzzer into the middle of a closing NMA net, but flanked by descending rebelRunners, Wilford would find himself personally leading the attack from behind the forward mounted gatling gun. Scoring numerous blue criticals against the NMA attackers, all would seem in hand, even as the buzzer`s front armor would start to get dangerously thin.

However, the encounter would grow serious as a trick of the terrain and the unwieldy nature of the buzzer`s momentum would expose the weakened front armor to numerous hits. Breaching the armor and destroying the engine, a fire would break out, forcing Wilford and Sharon to take to foot.

Using the burning hulk as cover, Wilford and Sharon would pull Johnny from the wreck and plink away at weak points in an attacking Biter and Kern. With the supporting rebelRunners continuing to take town the NMA vehicles, Wilford and Sharon would be forced to move away from the buzzer, with indications of a pending explosion. But not retreating far enough, the exploding tank would take out all three crewmembers- Wilford, Sharon, and Johnny- while flinging friend and foe vehicles alike, outward from the epicenter.

The friendly rebelRunners, piloted by Nicholas Alba and Lorie Poplar, would take down the remaining NMA vehicles and limp home with the ashes of their fallen. Wilford had ignored several opportunities to order a surrender and escape the pending explosion. Though at great cost, he`d die as he`d lived, in a fiery explosion of activity, refusing to surrender and fighting until swept from the field.
Ruth 'Ninja-Fix-It' KaneshiroSaltnPeppaDouble Down Arena2018-12-28
Steve HargrovePA RacersNorthern Speedway2018-12-28
Adam 'Original Sin' Hungaterebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2018-12-27
Recruited in January of 2017, Adam would push his way through eleven lucky criticals without ever losing a limb. Developing his driver skills over two years, Adam would acquire certifications in Deathracer, Defensive Driver, and Sniper specialisms to earn lead pilot status of the gang`s buzzer, rebelBunker 1, and leadership of the `From Pueblo Colorado` squad.

On 26 December 2018, Adam `Original Sin` would relinquish control of rebelBunker to Johnny Machuca on the way back from a successful scout run. He`d take control of the squad`s one rebelRunner to escort three loot cars alongside the still strong buzzer. Jumped by seven Wave of Mutilation cars, all five rebels would make it successfully through the gates, with Adam bringing up the rear. Nathan Seaton, Scott Miller, and Florence Wolfgang would successfully escape their loot cars, but then stay behind to take on Wave.

Scott Miller would climb into position behind the buzzer`s HvyCarRifle and Adam continued to flank and shoot out the sides of Wave cars converging on the buzzer. This would work until an enemy Marauder would get two improbable side shots through the rebelRunner`s weak-side armor while bearing down on the buzzer many yards away. The shots would kill Adam instantly. Maneuvering on foot, Florence would dodge fire and get several shots into an oncoming Marauder before taking a critical in the shoulder. She`d escape into town but die of blood loss. With one side of the buzzer depleted and all ammo expended, Nathan would fade into town and Johnny Machuca would cede the field to Wave of Mutilation, escaping with Scott Miller before taking any chassis or engine damage to the buzzer.

For the chance to score some additional loot cars and teach Wave a lesson about pushing their raids through the gates of Somerset, Adam had made the call to send the loot cars on but continue the fight. It`d cost him and Florence their lives, but they`d demo four enemy cars and kill four bountied members of the enemy gang. rebelfish resurgent would lose a fine driver, a rising leader, and an excellent scout in Florence Wolfgang, but Wave wouldn`t gain a single loot car and would have to bury four of their own for breaching the walls of the civilized northern town.
Elise MillerSaltnPeppaThe Wilderness2018-12-26
Otis OldAmbassadors for ChristThe Wilderness2018-12-22
Phyllis 'Spray n Pray' VueAmbassadors for ChristThe Wilderness2018-12-21
Lewis 'Machine Gun' TickleAmbassadors for ChristThe Wilderness2018-12-21
'Comrade' Michele AddingtonSpecial CircumstancesSomerset Hospital2018-12-21
Karren 'Pinky' PenneyTheFireDragonsXoReX Combat Arena2018-12-21
Born a Texan girl. Pinky had a natural talent for arena combat. She commanded a driving position and when the wheels were turning the Texan girl was burning. Never hesitated to squeeze the trigger. As she always said `Kill first, ask questions later.`