The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Helen DavisInterstate 82The Wilderness2019-11-18
Daniel 'Freddy' KruegerFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-17
He will live on in our dreams...
Roxy 'Moxy Foxy' RainesFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-17
Forgot to run once she left the burning van. But she knew how to party!
John 'Vangers' VangThe Burning CoalitionThe Wilderness2019-11-16
Died inside of a van while trying to hold them with the mines, Still died as a hero, To be remembered by all of us!
George AlonzoSplurs ScroungersSomerset Hospital2019-11-15
Gregory 'The Gun' EngebretsonFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-15
The Gun knew better than to get in the vehicle with the drunk driver. So he drank himself into a stupor and forgot to fire.
Michael 'Mad Mike' Wrightblue rockThe Wilderness2019-11-11
Dan 'The Man' HardySmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2019-11-10
'Trucker' Susan PetersenForced ReligionThe Wilderness2019-11-10
Emily 'Sexy' HornForced ReligionThe Wilderness2019-11-10
Stephen BushnellSplurs ScroungersSomerset Hospital2019-11-08
Kevin GloverInterstate 82The Pit2019-11-08
'Terrible' Tony RoyNo Guardian AngelThe Wilderness2019-11-06
Brian 'Doc' DahmenF-BombsThe Wilderness2019-11-04
'Marshal' Alejandro HendersonEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2019-11-03
Died muscle scouting a high bounty gang outside Badlands Truckstop. No better way to go
Bryan KomarSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2019-11-03