The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Marcos 'Mind' MonteroThe White AshesThe Wilderness2017-04-26
Santiago 'Trainwreck' Audetrebelfish resurgent IIThe Pit2017-04-23
Recruited by rebelfish resurgent in 2012, Santiago had already survived seven critical injuries before rebelfish resurgent`s four year hiatus from 2013 to 2017. Part of rebelfish resurgent II`s first return foray back out into Evan, he`d take another four criticals- including a punctured lung, shrapnel to the head, and the loss of an eye- before finally receiving the nick-name of `Trainwreck`.

On 27-31 Mar 2017, Santiago would man rr`s `Mobile Fortress` buzzer on an ambitious run to Badlands Truckstop with 5 taxi customers and 3 escorted RTA Incorporated trade vehicles. The convoy from Sommerset to Elmsfield would go smoothly, killing 13 Nightmares without taking loss. On the leg between Gateway and Badlands Truckstop, the gang would face opposition three times. Jumped again by the Nightmares outside of Gateway, theyd defeat nine vehicles and kill 8 Nightmare gangers while losing one taxi customer. Attacked next by 18 cars of the V-8 Vikings mid-route, theyd fight well killing 21 V-8 gangers and defeating all vehicles, but losing gang-members Richard Rivera, Frances Ratzlaff, and Edward Wetherbee, as well as two taxi customers and an escorted trade vehicle. Finally limping in to Badlands Truckstop with 12 vehicles and attacked by 22 Desert Rider vehicles, Santiago and heavy gunner, Donna Holy Sheets, would be knocked out by massed rocket fire while escorting 8 rr vehicles and 1 trader to Badland Truckstop`s gates. Both would wake up alive but imprisoned in the gladiator pits of Firelight.

Valuing rebelfish resurgent IIs most accomplished driver-heavy gunner team, leader Shirley `Always` Knowles would dispatch 3 vehicles and 6 gangers under Kenneth `Pushin The` Plowman to recover her crew. Donna and Santiago would receive full time to recover before requesting gladiator events, and four rr colleagues would join them on every encounter. Unfortunately, this still wouldnt be enough to save a one-legged, one-eyed, deteriorating fast Santiago.

On 23 April 17, one of four giant rats would scramble through Santiago`s colleagues to fatally lacerate his heart and lungs.

Whatever doesnt kill you may make you stronger, or at least tougher. Trainwrecks strength would be tested through 13 critical injuries, but he wouldn`t survive through 14. Salud Santiago! Youre probably the toughest, ugliest, most maimed Trainwreck of a corpse to ever hop through heavens gates!
'BRICKHOUSE' Bruna BabcockGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2017-04-23
'Scope' Mary SticeDevilz RejectzDouble Down Arena2017-04-21
Kermit 'the Dog' FeeleyPee Wees PlayhouseThe Pit2017-04-21
Scott WeberScarzams JokersSomerset Hospital2017-04-21
Andrew 'dark' PorterthebillsSomerset Hospital2017-04-21
Richard 'Jinx' NolanTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2017-04-20
Nearly the first THR scout to make it to his thirtieth birthday. Nearly.
Troy 'Scout' HammittTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2017-04-20
A bad day to be a THR scout, thought Troy when the MG round ripped through his chest. When the next round left him with a pile of intestines on his lap he said, scratch that - it`s a VERY bad day...
Shawn 'Luscious' JacksonPee Wees PlayhouseThe Wilderness2017-04-20
Maximo BerrymanBlur Syndic ateThe Wilderness2017-04-14
'Terrible' Tony GardinerAnarchy XSomerset Hospital2017-04-14
Nina 'Hellfire' OroscoCannibal KingsThe Wilderness2017-04-14
Charles SteeleBlur Syndic ateThe Wilderness2017-04-12
Kelly 'Trixie' TeixeiraCannibal KingsThe Wilderness2017-04-10
Muriel Bartlettthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2017-04-09
she was ugly but she could shoot