The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Jenni RathjenHamSlappinKarateThe Wilderness2017-05-21
'Pizza Face' Hattie LeeLongos Merry MenSomerset Hospital2017-05-19
Nicholas 'Ghost' KasperWasteland EnforcersThe Wilderness2017-05-16
Bad play and worse luck.
John RushingShineyElmsfield Speed Circuit2017-05-14
John HawkinsCrazyCatsThe Wilderness2017-05-14
Tony RayaCrazyCatsThe Wilderness2017-05-14
'Crazy' Valerie FloresThe CrayonsRing of Death Arena2017-05-14
'On Target' Willard WilsonThe CrayonsRing of Death Arena2017-05-14
Willie 'Coyote' JumperKaizers OrchestraThe Wilderness2017-05-14
Jessie JacksonThe Salthill SluggerzSomerset Hospital2017-05-12
Leonard 'Mack Daddy' McKinneyPee Wees PlayhouseThe Pit2017-05-11
Give me a friggin` break. I call BS on the Gladiator events.
'Scouter' Tiffany ChristmasHarley NomadsThe Pit2017-05-09
Gerard 'the stove....' Colemanthe fablous gordThe Wilderness2017-05-08
'Doc' Horace MillerEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2017-05-08
Victor Bellthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2017-05-08
Darryl Lakethe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2017-05-08