The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'Butterbear' Vanessa HudgensThe Purple FoxesThe Wilderness2017-09-19
Jessica 'Honey' AlbaThe Purple FoxesThe Wilderness2017-09-19
'Banshee' Lili SimmonsThe Purple FoxesThe Wilderness2017-09-19
Jason 'Burnin' DowEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2017-09-16
Errant Heavy Rocket to the top armor killed off the pyromaniac Psi of Somerset. No one else in the BPU was harmed.
'Fried Chicken' Stanley WilliamsThe TacticalsThe Pit2017-09-14
If there`s one thing you must do in an arena combat, GO FOR THE HEAVY HITTERS FIRST. Otherwise, death by explosion.

Along with Jose `Sidewinder` McCall, this is this 3rd PSI user lost.
'The Sister' Hyacinth DelahoussayeEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2017-09-09
Died doing the most honorable thing an El Nubnubs can do, muscle scouting. Bounced off an opponent to hard and snapped her neck. Car came home slowly to honor her death.
Michelle ComeaudragonlordSomerset Hospital2017-09-08
John CastilloMADHATThe Wilderness2017-09-05
Michael TaylorShineyThe Wilderness2017-09-04
Richard 'Dopehead' WashingtonDead Men DrivingSomerset Hospital2017-09-03
Micha 'Humps' HollandWeak Head Normal FormsSomerset Hospital2017-09-03
Bobby 'Ball' BrownRoad RiftersSomerset Hospital2017-09-03
John 'Snow' WhiteRoad RiftersSomerset Hospital2017-09-03
Mario 'Scoots' CopelandNexus9Somerset Hospital2017-09-03
Betty 'Wee' PeetSOTukSomerset Hospital2017-09-03
Dallas 'Bollin' RollinsRolloversSomerset Hospital2017-09-03