The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Bobby 'Dazzler' DelanceySpecial CircumstancesSomerset Hospital2018-06-15
Gerald 'Sugar Pie' TateHeavy Metal NomadsThe Wilderness2018-06-15
Rocco 'Cocho' BrowntashcrewSomerset Junkyard Track 32018-06-14
Bobby RingerDanterrans DilettantesThe Wilderness2018-06-09
John CollinsPA RacersThe Wilderness2018-06-07
Marguerite 'SPAGGETTI' AltieriGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2018-06-02
'RED' Fallon FoxGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2018-06-02
Nicole OsbornDanterrans DilettantesThe Pit2018-06-02
'Comrade' Carlos BrunnerSpecial CircumstancesSomerset Hospital2018-06-01
John 'Jimmy' CarterDead StopThe Wilderness2018-05-25
Aaron StorerDirty Mo PosseThe Wilderness2018-05-24
Steven CastanedaPA RacersThe Wilderness2018-05-24
'Super' Sam BruceTheFireDragonsSomerset Junkyard Track 32018-05-24
As a kid Sam could be found running around outside trailing a small blanket behind tied to his neck, arms outstretched and head back. In time Sam found he could fly from the tops of dunes all over the wastes of Evan while driving muscle cars. Super Sam was pedal down at all times.
Jeremy 'Pratt-Cam' PrattRizon OniThe Wilderness2018-05-23
Somehow went from a useless oaf stuck in Firelight for eternity to the best heavy gunner any Oni had seen before. Enjoyed making videos of kills he`d made, earning the Pratt-Cam nickname. Died too early, still had plenty of fight in him; A score of Road Assassins will be burned for the deaths of him and Christopher Wyrmheart Alejo, the soul of whom has been dragged to Horse Thief Mile.
Shayna CarteJellieThe Wilderness2018-05-16
'Zombie killin' Joyce NavaRolloversSomerset Hospital2018-05-13