The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Max PayneJoels BastardsNorthern Speedway2020-07-11
Misses Payne wanted to know why a racer was in a deathrace!
'Litle miss' Sharon Moffett[v]@Xx3D []utThe Wilderness2020-07-10
Rebecca WayneSandratsThe Wilderness2020-07-10
Xavier 'xXx' XieFlying FroggiesThe Wilderness2020-07-08
Karl Marxthe rowdy threeThe Wilderness2020-07-08
James 'Stosh' ButtersSlaughterHouse Bath and LodginThe Wilderness2020-07-07
Beverly 'of Passadena' LuffTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2020-07-07
2018-06-02 used first aid to save the life of Yolanda Carpenter
Another member of the clan now lays under the hot sands of Evan. This rocket dame looked out for her squad mates. Laying it all on the line using her big guns to support the battle. She was aways a dependable crew member and her seat will be a hard one to fill. RIP.
Charles RollinsShallow GravesThe Wilderness2020-07-07
Wm ClemonsJoels BastardsThe Wilderness2020-07-05
We never knew what WM stood for.
Janet 'J' MarshallZaphod BeeblebroxThe Wilderness2020-07-04
Rick 'The Wiz' GeeShallow GravesThe Wilderness2020-07-04
John TigheSplurs ScroungersSomerset Hospital2020-07-03
Sharron MaciasPA RacersThe Wilderness2020-07-02
Ida 'Dunno' StroudSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2020-07-01
Chris AustinThe Black LegionThe Wilderness2020-07-01
NPC ganger took his head off an RPG from 20m. He should have known better than to get out.
Julia 'the Doc' ThompsonSaltnPeppaThe Wilderness2020-06-30