The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Steve 'Tinker' FigueroaTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2019-12-08
Shrap to the heart,
Raiders to blame,
They give Elmsfield
A bad name
Matthew 'mech 4' MartinDarkwinds Most WantedThe Wilderness2019-12-07
Audrey 'risk' HamptonextinctionersThe Wilderness2019-12-06
Lisa HulbertRenshaiSomerset Hospital2019-12-06
Rex RiddickKings of MetalSomerset Hospital2019-12-06
Amelia SmithF-BombsThe Wilderness2019-12-05
Daryl 'Da Road' DavidsonDirty LickinsSomerset Junkyard Arena2019-12-04
David 'Smokin' HashFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-12-03
Inconceivable! My best guy, dead, off a lucky shot that found its way thru three vehicles a turn before combat ended and looting began. I vow open war on the holy rollers
Anthony Ratliffthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-12-02
Santos Welchthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-12-02
Kimberly Nunleythe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-12-02
Sophie Toddthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-12-02
Jamal 'Bouncer' BoyntonTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2019-12-02
Jane 'Turncoat' HaddockTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2019-11-30
'Bad Penny' Howard Wagnerblack widowThe Wilderness2019-11-30
Edwin Reimerthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-11-29