The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
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Muriel Bartlettthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2017-04-09
she was ugly but she could shoot
Clint 'Joe Dirt' FlickRedFendersSomerset Junkyard Track 22017-04-09
Derek 'Enlightened' Austinrebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2017-04-03
Recruited in Apr 2012, Derek would swear by his 46-Y use to fore-see where the paths of his adversaries and his bullets would converge. Rising up to sniper specialism 2, Alice Oh Nurse Swanson would rely on him as a skilled secondary gunner adept at the long-shots.

Derek would join Alice on her squad`s Mar 2017 trader escort and taxi customer transport mission from Somerset to Badlands Truckstop for RTA Incorporated. He`d survive encounters against the Nightmares, V-8 Vikings, and Desert Riders, to participate in rr operations out of Badlands Truckstop without the benefit of hard-core veterans Donna `Holy` Sheets and Santiago `Trainwreck` Audet or their Mobile Fortress- hvy sniper and car cannon armed buzzer.

After initial successes including the adding of two loot apaches and a car cannon to the squad, Derek would accompany Alice in the deployment of Five Easy Payments on 3 Apr with two apaches, a phoenix, and a light mortar voyager. For all of his 46-y prescience, Derek wouldn`t foresee Alice`s tactics getting steadily more aggressive and reckless. It would cost both of them their lives against a relatively light squad of 7 `Wildlings` vehicles. Derek would man his medium machine gun and fire away at a Wildling Windsor II while Alice would push them out of preferred positioning and into the brackets of multiple rocket-armed vehicles. Rocked by numerous rockets and micro missiles, Derek would feel the apache`s side armor crumble and scream for rookie driver, James Paez, to turn their exposed side away from additional rounds. Too late, he`d see Alice take multiple criticals before losing the top of his own head to additional blasts. While the enemy would quickly roll past, allowing unconscious rookies James Paez and large gunner, Robert Eng, to survive, he and sub-gang leader Alice would not. rebelfish Resurgent II`s `Five Easy Payments` squad would still carry the day, killing 6 Wildlings, defeating all 7 vehicles, and even recovering HvyWeaponsCo4, but this would be no benefit to a secondary gunner, now plinking away at targets in the great beyond.
Alice 'Oh Nurse' Swansonrebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2017-04-03
Recruited in Feb 2012, Alice would join the second chapter of the rebelfish gang a month after Ruth Fix-It Perez re-constitution of the team. Establishing her credentials as a skilled and courageous medic, shed work her way up the ranks saving 6 gangers over time with her medic skill and eventually establishing herself as an effective motivator and first captain to leader, Shirley Always Knowles. Shirleys trust in her would build to the extent that shed even re-take the field herself, confident of a sturdy hand should she fall in combat.
On 27 Mar 2017, Alice would opt for a lucrative run to Badlands Truckstop with 5 taxi customers and 3 RTA Incorporated trade vehicles needing escort. The convoy from Sommerset to Elmsfield would go smoothly, killing 13 Nightmares without taking loss. On the leg between Gateway and Badlands Truckstop, the gang would face opposition three times. Jumped again by the Nightmares outside of Gateway, theyd defeat nine vehicles and kill 8 Nightmares but lose one taxi customer. Attacked by 18 cars of the V-8 Vikings mid-route, theyd fight well killing 21 V-8 gangers and all vehicles, but losing gang-members Richard Rivera, Frances Ratzlaff, and Edward Wetherbee, as well as two taxi customers and an escorted trade vehicle. Limping in to Badlands Truckstop as a convoy of 12 and attacked by 22 Desert Rider vehilces, Alice would get 8 of her own and 1 trader vehicle through the gates while losing the gangs Mobile Fortress buzzer, ganger Betty White, another taxi customer, and hard-core veterans Donna `Holy` Sheets and Santiago `Trainwreck` Audet to Firelights gladiator pits.
Alice would quickly re-organize the squad and start basing operations out of Badlands to raise money for a new buzzer and rescue Sheets and Santiago. After initial successes including the adding of two loot apaches and a car cannon to her squad, Alice would grow impatient and more aggressive in the deployment of her squad. On 3 Apr, shed lead a squad of two apaches, a phoenix, and light mortar voyager against a relatively light squad of 7 vehicles of the gang The Wildlings. Still, instead of spreading the enemy gang out via a withdraw or maintaining their early advantage of solid terrain masking, shed push the driver of HvyWeaponsCo4 to pursue an early kill of an enemy Windsor II while exposing herself and crew to multiple rocket weapons. Rocked by numerous rockets and micro missiles, the apaches side armor would crumble quickly and rookie driver, James Paez, would be unable to turn them away from the exposure quickly enough. Continuing to take hits from a sir rocket, pick-up, and freedom song, Alice and veteran sniper Derek Enlightened Austin would both lose the tops of their heads before the battle would roll past the stunned and injured crew. rebelfish Resurgent IIs Five Easy Payments squad would still carry the day, killing 6 Wildlings, defeating all 7 vehicles, and even recovering HvyWeaponsCo4 with driver James Paez and large gunner, Robert Eng. Very much due to Alices own notoriety in the wilds of Evan, HvyWeaponsCo4 would receive the designation of Renowned coming out of this battle.
Back in Somerset, Shirley Always Knowles, would once again step away from field combat to focus on training and mentorship of rebelfish Resurgents next era of leaders. Members of Alices Five Easy Payments squad would re-double their efforts to fight Donna Sheets and Satiago Audet out of Firelight and outfit them with new weaponry, but the grief and vacuum of leadership without Alice would be great.
To a unique ganger of first-hand leadership, swift action against the enemy, and skilled treatment of injured comrades, the members of rebelfish resurgent are forever indebted. In rebelfish headquarters outside of Somerset, remaining members would hang an armor plaque with the particular version of Alices Hippocratic Oath: Do no harm if we can help it, and harm them real bad if we can,t.
'senseless' Arturo JohnsonthebillsThe Wilderness2017-03-29
Gladys 'J' NotothebillsThe Wilderness2017-03-29
Alfred 'f' ReedthebillsThe Wilderness2017-03-29
Stephen Greenwood7624271967The Wilderness2017-03-24
Stupid Stupid Stupid. A punch up outside of Somerset just taught me a valuble lesson about ram cars.
'Captain' Malcolm Reynoldsan0maly -CI-Somerset Hospital2017-03-24
Michael DowdyRagnaks ReaversSomerset Hospital2017-03-24
Elvin 'The Dwarf' ParrishDeath UnlimitedRing of Death Arena2017-03-23
The old man got killed by a vengeful Pincer driver even after resigning. Well, I guess he did fire once after he resigned. But still, that was brutal.
Johnny HustonOriginal GangstersThe Wilderness2017-03-23
Jennifer BiblerOriginal GangstersThe Wilderness2017-03-23
Jeffery GayhartOriginal GangstersThe Wilderness2017-03-23
Kate MaraThe Purple FoxesThe Wilderness2017-03-22
Brenda 'and Eddie' RomeroWomens Auxiliary Balloon CorpsSomerset Hospital2017-03-19