The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'DeathLander' Weldon JonesTheFireDragonsSomerset Junkyard Track 32019-10-06
The DeathLander he was called by the fellow FireDragons. His iron will was a foundation for those that scouted with the man. Weldon last an arm early in his career but it never slowed him down. His body carried the scars of many battles and in time he was getting worn down. But this seemed to make his candle burn twice as bright. A chance taker he became and as his reflexes slowed he eventually met the Death he chased.
Ronald AlmontePA RacersThe Pit2019-10-04
Doris ReimerScarzams SandmenThe Wilderness2019-10-02
Don UnzuetaPA RacersThe Pit2019-10-02
Charles ClarkBlur SyndicateThe Wilderness2019-10-01
Christopher 'Mad Eyes' MoodyVicious Little SuckersThe Wilderness2019-09-30
Toni 'Maki' WallisLa Banda del MakiSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
Hazel IrizarryKodiacsSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
'Msgt.' Scott SharkeyHessiansSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
'2nd Lt.' Monica NewtonHessiansSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
'LTG.' Isadora BowlesHessiansSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
Ivan 'Da Boss' YamasakiKreepsSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
Clark GableKreepsSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
Vanesa HayOrderly FashionSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
Brian 'Salvage' StewartThe HasbrosSomerset Hospital2019-09-29
'Bad Boy' Brian SweatThe SleepwalkersSomerset Hospital2019-09-29