The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Alyssa 'Fingercuffs' MilanoThe DarksideThe Wilderness2018-04-05
Solo Lorry runs have been getting ambushed every time we would transport supplies to camp. This time the ambush left the Lorry bullet riddled. Every ganger took a hit during the escape, but Alyssa wasn`t tough enough to survive. She was a great fighter and SCL Champion. Capped in her skills, she mentored her squad well so they could take over for her once she decided to hang up her holster. Unfortunately, today didn`t give her that chance to make that decision.
Tammy HoltKaytis KillersSomerset Arena2018-04-04
Oh well, She`s tonight`s dinner now.
'Cardinal' Lewis StappharimauThe Wilderness2018-04-04
'Tex' Alan MortonMisery Inc.The Wilderness2018-04-04
Neal SmithTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2018-04-04
A great ganger gunner and true team player. Neal could often be found hunting ducks at the Lost Oasis.
Michael 'Ladykiller' DavisTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2018-04-04
Yessenia 'Yabba Dabba' YamaguchiSlaughterHouse Bath and LodginThe Wilderness2018-04-02
Perry 'HeavyDuty' BudgeTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2018-04-02
He was a stubborn bastard. Chewed his apples with his false teeth left rattling on the dash. Hard of hearing but boy could he handle a heavy machine gun. Gums smiling and stocks flying.
Kenneth CuddyPA RacersThe Wilderness2018-04-01
'Bounty Hunter' Francis OlivarezEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2018-04-01
Joel 'Sparkles' DraperRabid GroundhogsThe Wilderness2018-03-31
Peter CamdenKaytis KillersRing of Death Arena2018-03-31
Dude got shot doing a barrel roll, was pretty cool.
John MitchellPrimesSomerset Hospital2018-03-30
'Tossin The' Sally WhiteThe DarksideSomerset Hospital2018-03-30
Sally died quietly, with bottle in hand. The rigors of SCL took its toll on her, but at least being a champion will add some good memories.
Linda BoneJoels BastardsThe Wilderness2018-03-30
First NPC kill in years...
'Hella' Ella LoweRabid GroundhogsThe Wilderness2018-03-29