The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Betty 'Ozzy' OsborneThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-29
Elizabeth 'Speedy' SmithThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-28
James 'Drag Racer' DixonThe Wolf SpidersThe Pit2018-11-28
Orlando SippleDirty LickinsThe Wilderness2018-11-26
Philip 'Phire' PointerSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2018-11-25
Katharine 'Mickey' McPheeThe Purple FoxesThe Wilderness2018-11-24
'Don' Juan BaldwinRoad TemplarsThe Wilderness2018-11-24
'Sir' James WyattRoad TemplarsThe Wilderness2018-11-24
'Iron Fist' Jorge TuckerRenshaiThe Wilderness2018-11-24
Robert SuttonFireWolfThe Wilderness2018-11-24
James SmithRoad TemplarsSomerset Hospital2018-11-23
Jerica 'Moonlight ' HoTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2018-11-23
Dudley 'The Driver' DurdenThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-20
Eunice 'Rub Tub' DubinThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-20
Kimberly 'Killer' SmithThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2018-11-19
'Squeegie' Michael VelasquezTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2018-11-18
Started as a pledge in Gateway, first partnered with
Raylene `Start the` Slaughter

2017-02-02 Recruited by Turner, Harvest and Ramirez
2017-02-12 Received a nickname
2017-02-15 Level 1 Rapid Reloading specialism
2017-02-17 Injury: ripped calf muscle
2017-03-06 Injury: broken ribs, damaged muscles and tendons
2017-03-06 Injury: broken ankle, torn foot tendons
2017-03-16 Injury: broken ribs, torn chest muscles and tendons
2018-01-30 Injury: minor stomach muscle damage
2018-01-30 Injury: minor arm muscle damage
2018-02-24 Injury: minor arm muscle damage
2018-03-01 Transferred. Leader of Wasp Crew
2018-03-03 Level 1 Sniper specialism
2918-04-08 Level 1 Motivator specialism
2018-04-09 Injury: minor arm muscle damage
2018-04-13 Lost Benny `Fruit Machine` Baer
2018-04-13 Walked the wasteland
2018-04-27 Lost Willie Guerrero
2018-04-28 Injury: torn thigh muscle
2018-04-28 Injury: in a coma
2018-05-10 Injury: chipped shoulder blade
2018-05-10 WASP crew massacred
2018-05-10 Walked the Wasteland
2018-05-11 Transferred to lead Somerset Reserves
2018-06-05 SCL IV 2089
2018-06-06 Lost `Rocketman ` William Benz
2018-09-22 Lv 1 Rapidshot specialism
2018-09-15 Trapped in burning car with Raylene
`Start the` Slaughter. Raylene died.
2018-10-15 Injury: infected burns on the torso
2018-10-15 Took leadership of St Louis Rams
2018-10-22 Lv 2 Motivator specialism
2018-10-26 Lv 1 Moving Targets specialism

Died in Cyber Formation ambush outside Gateway. Leg blown off then mown down.