The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Dante 'Danger' ValenciaPale RidersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Samuel 'Nails' NobleBattle RoyaleSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Sherrie 'Xmas' CarrollBrassicasSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Jonah '5ive Guns' Utter5ive CrewSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Rachel 'KissMy' Arce5ive CrewSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Joanne 'JM' Murphy5ive CrewSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Paul 'Senior' TittleJoels BastardsSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Donald CornellRising SunSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Ronald 'Thumper' ThurberRaging ScavengersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Robert 'Bob' BoyerRaging ScavengersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Bryan 'Matt Foley' TuckerThe Chain GangSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Helen 'Crater face' ArnoldThe Dionysian Dozen -CHQ-Somerset Hospital2018-08-05
Julio Smathers12th Street BangersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Joseph Johnson12th Street BangersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Richard 'Hamster' Hammond12th Street BangersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05
Danica Patrick12th Street BangersSomerset Hospital2018-08-05