The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Willie 'Red Stranger' NelsonEternal TravelersThe Wilderness2020-01-10
Eugene 'Dennis The' MinnisZaphod BeeblebroxThe Wilderness2020-01-10
Cynthia 'Doll' BrinsonEternal TravelersThe Wilderness2020-01-10
Roy LehmannRiver City GamblersThe Wilderness2020-01-09
Greg 'TheSnake' PumphreyTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2020-01-04
Greg was a all around dooms day ganger. His cap was 101 and he was skilled in many things. His serious side was a thing to witness, courage was a strong point in him. His latest endeavor was a hand at the rocket launcher and as with everything he put his mind to he done well. Speeding in his flail is where he meet his end, don`t think he felt a thing.
Hector FineClan HammerSomerset Hospital2020-01-03
Joseph 'Broken' BeckwithScarzams SandmenThe Wilderness2020-01-02
Exceptional Deathracer 177 and leader of Badlands TS killed by a single shot from a shotgun by the leader of the Texan Trucking Company - John Hughes
Fredrick 'The Brother' WelchComancheThe Wilderness2020-01-02
All hail The Brother! He fought until the end. He will be missed
'Uncle' Randy SmithTheFireDragonsSomerset Junkyard Track 32020-01-01
17-12-12 Recruited by TheFireDragons

Long time member of the FireDragons. His life was like a grocery list. All hail Uncle.
Ophelia 'O'nother Shot' O'GradyFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-12-31
Ophelia took the last shot, a miss fire from a friendly, with grace and class. Her co gunner lit her a smoke and gave her a shot from a flask. No one will say it was the last shot that killed her.
'Marvelous ' Ana UttBrotherhood of the WheelThe Wilderness2019-12-31
She was Marvelous in every way.. but a piece of flying shrapnel ended her this day..
Thomas 'Grease' RowlandBrotherhood of the WheelThe Wilderness2019-12-31
Just a boy he signed, to ride on in the waste. Searching for glory, his required taste! Till something caught fire and his situation turned dire..

And this poem ended caused he got blown up by a lorry with 200 fuel!
Joseph 'Justa Burna' JansenSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2019-12-30
Terrilyn 'Big Top' ComptonTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2019-12-30
Big Rig Rocker to the end. This hot gal was at home in the war wag. Her true calling was always known, hands on the big wheel and the pedal to the floor. She commanded the road with big presence , the black top was her true path to freedom.

Alvin 'WingNut' FaulknerTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2019-12-30
Hard headed, hard knuckles, that is what it took to be the leader of the FireDragons for a time. Alvin was a determined ganger, he never really excelled at any one skill but what he did have was leadership ability. His strength was not enough to upright the overturned lorry but he stayed to the end dying a true FireDragon.
Shirley 'The Charm' DonohoeTurner, Harvest and RamirezThe Wilderness2019-12-29