The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'The Infamous' Bryan DowdellZaphod BeeblebroxThe Wilderness2017-10-09
After garnering the nickname Infamous from accidently killing 3 of his own gang mates at a young age, Bryan soon started to hone his gunslinging craft to become the top of his gangs deadly force. He gave up his life defeating a raving raider gang while upside down in the swamps. After demoing 4 cars and killing 7 enemy gangers all while holding his breath for 53 turns he took the final round of the fight that the enemy shot straight into his intestines and bled out while cursing the swamps and his driver for being an idiot of world renown. He is survived by his best friend and partner in crime, Dan `Bob` Ross who he fought side by side with for over 2 years.
Elvira 'The Scout' WixThe IntollerantsThe Wilderness2017-10-08
Bernadine 'Cheech' ChambersthebillsThe Wilderness2017-10-08
Jimmy 'gimme' MoorethebillsThe Wilderness2017-10-08
Samantha PruntyCrispy BiscuitsThe Wilderness2017-10-08
'Outlaw' Miranda LambertThe Purple FoxesThe Wilderness2017-10-07
Lance 'Junkyard' JohnsonJoels BastardsSomerset Hospital2017-10-06
Fukin Drugs. Fire Druggies.
'Big' Willie SmithKing of ClubsSomerset Dirt Racing Track2017-10-03
Myra 'Kale' HarrisStargazerThe Wilderness2017-10-02
Pedro DavenportStargazerSomerset Hospital2017-09-29
Daniel 'Inuit' SzaboAlpha LegionThe Wilderness2017-09-28
'Running' Robert CooperAlpha LegionThe Wilderness2017-09-28
Roman 'Wop' Friendblue rockThe Wilderness2017-09-28
'Nrly Headless' Nicholas MattStargazerThe Wilderness2017-09-27
His neck was blown apart once. He decided to not let it get him down.
'KILL SAID' Cleo Millerlittle menThe Wilderness2017-09-26
Elmer 'huntin Wabbit' StoneburnerEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2017-09-23