The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'THE RAZOR' Jason PoliteDESOLATION.ANGLESThe Wilderness2018-10-02
Ricky BobbyPaladinsNorthern Foothills Racetrack2018-10-01
William MoritzKaytis KillersDouble Down Arena2018-09-30
Janet 'the Boss' JohnsonRoad TemplarsThe Wilderness2018-09-29
Carolyn CrawleyFireWolfThe Wilderness2018-09-28
Jaime MinterFireWolfThe Wilderness2018-09-28
Hazel KesslerFireWolfThe Wilderness2018-09-28
Edward '123' KauffmanCrazyCatsThe Wilderness2018-09-25
Jeannette 'Big Genie' Blubaughblue rockNorthern Speedway2018-09-25
Jackie GilmoreGrease Gun CrewThe Wilderness2018-09-23
'Disco Bunny' Amalia StevensMisery Inc.The Wilderness2018-09-22
We will blame this on poor life choices.
Andrew 'Soda Pop' YanezThe TacticalsThe Wilderness2018-09-21
Andrew ran as fast as he could to our Lorry and was about to take cover, but a one placed shot of a HMG despite planned covering fire. And yes, it took ONE shot of an HMG just to end his life.

Happened on a town encounter in Elmsfield. We strategically placed looted cars as barriers and Andrew was too slow to regroup with the lorry.

He couldn`t skill up further anyways. So he was one of our looters.
'TV's' Tom SnyderthebillsThe Wilderness2018-09-21
The apocalypse started at the end of his illustrious acting career. Never really got the hang of anything but driving trucks. Loved his trucks though, really loved em...
Zachariah 'WRENCH' KingDESOLATION.ANGLESThe Wilderness2018-09-17
'MachineGun' Maria CastlemanTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2018-09-17
A long running member of the Firedragons. Maria has traveled all over Evan. She has been through thick and thin, scouting from Badlands and Lorry Courier Missions was her thing. If it wasn`t for a exploding trader lorry full of fuel this hot rocker would still be squeezing triggers and licking her lips.
'Farseer' Jacob WadeAvenged SevenfoldSomerset Hospital2018-09-14