The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Kieth MoonFrench Foreign LegionSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Walter StrongPostapocalypse PaladinsSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Curtis AlbertPostapocalypse PaladinsSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Nickie HoppingGHOST GANGSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Joe SpannGHOST GANGSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Adela RiveraGHOST GANGSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
'Drift King' Nicholas ChangWastersSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Shaun SchaeferPA Desk JockeysSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Derrick MarksRogue TradersSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Mark BarhamRogue TradersSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
'Chewie' Sue PascaleRogue TradersSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
David 'Lifesavour' HolmesRogue TradersSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Ralph MooreCattzSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Karma 'Kabuki' BangsStucky and the Bit PigsSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Bobby 'I like Cheese' PateStucky and the Bit PigsSomerset Hospital2019-01-20
Deborah 'of the manor' Laird[v]@Xx3D []utSomerset Hospital2019-01-20