The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Natasha DouglassAbysmal HorrorsSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Gary 'the great' VueThe PikersSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Darwin 'Smokey' BaerPA Desk JockeysSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
James CooperThe Bloody BeekeepersSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Thomas MillerRogue TradersSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
David 'Smoking' RoheRogue TradersSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Charlie 'Winnie' MorenoConfrerieSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Barbara 'Barred' EdgertonConfrerieSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Ed 'Marcellus' WallaceStucky and the Bit PigsSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
'Weirdboy' Billie Simpson[v]@Xx3D []utSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
William 'Hog Tied' Reynolds[v]@Xx3D []utSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Roberta BenitezHerms HammersSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Ramiro HarperHerms HammersSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Carl 'Wise Man' WieseHot TraxSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Joseph 'Black Lung' TownerDetox ProtocolSomerset Hospital2017-03-19
Harriet 'Useless' CalhounDetox ProtocolSomerset Hospital2017-03-19