The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Mark FurstCoolerheadsSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Benito DeltoroCarne MuertaSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Dana 'Brown' CoteHitmen Trucking Inc -CI-Somerset Hospital2017-06-11
Mary 'Rear' MountHitmen Trucking Inc -CI-Somerset Hospital2017-06-11
'Defiant' Dana BryantHitmen Trucking Inc -CI-Somerset Hospital2017-06-11
Kelly BergershadowguardSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
David WhiteshadowguardSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
'Dirty' Jeane PhillipsBig LiverSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Michael 'Skidmark' BrownBig LiverSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Jessica NovakMidville MONDOsSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Salvatore SanbornThe Black LegionSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
'Stormin' Norman LassiterRiders of the ApocolypseSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Cora NelsonSalvage Inc.Somerset Hospital2017-06-11
Linda 'Little Lady' KaczmarekFathers of the ConfederacySomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Donald 'Duck' SepulvedaPA RacersSomerset Hospital2017-06-11
Lela ThompsonPA RacersSomerset Hospital2017-06-11