The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Shawn Redfernthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-11-29
Lance 'The Surfer' JonesFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-29
Remember that last tab of Acid Lance was saving? Well, he took it and never came back.
Steven Bearthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-11-27
'Nasty' Nickolas NicodemusFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-24
Lost control of the ape...spun. got blasted by rockets. cracked a beer, lit a smoke, and watched the bullets from the HMG peppered the car. The last drag was real good tho
Harold Barrettthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2019-11-23
Diego Strobelrebelfish resurgent IIThe Wilderness2019-11-23
'The Beastly' Melissa ArteagaFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-23
Bradley 'Bones' BooneFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-23
He was maxed out on large guns anyways at 104
Miguel 'Give-M-Hell' MarshallFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-23
He gave em hell too, but he shoulda pulled out
Christopher 'Chappy' ChapmanFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-23
It hurt to lose chappy, really chaps my ass.
Robert JohnsonSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2019-11-21
Michael 'Burnt' BrownSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2019-11-19
Helen DavisInterstate 82The Wilderness2019-11-18
Daniel 'Freddy' KruegerFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-17
He will live on in our dreams...
Roxy 'Moxy Foxy' RainesFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2019-11-17
Forgot to run once she left the burning van. But she knew how to party!
John 'Vangers' VangThe Burning CoalitionThe Wilderness2019-11-16
Died inside of a van while trying to hold them with the mines, Still died as a hero, To be remembered by all of us!