The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Raymond 'Wrench' NarvaezFlaming EnginesSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
'The Wizard' Erik PotterAnarchy XSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Kelly 'Cap 'em' GonzalesAnarchy XSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
'Van Raper' Noah KrierPigs o PorkingSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Deanna SteeleMidnight RaidersSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Sidney 'Easy' EzellVolt DwellersSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
'Prince' Charles StarkVolt DwellersSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Gabriel 'Little' BrittVolt DwellersSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
'Dangerous' Donna CrowleyVolt DwellersSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
'Rowdy' Roberto CaldwellTastes Like ChicknSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Stanley 'Peacemaker' AcordBlood and IronSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Leslie 'Boozer' HarrisForced ReligionSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Tyler DurdenSand GoblinsSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Chris 'Barrage' TurnerDeath SplatterSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
John 'White' KnightNo Aiming Just ShootingSomerset Hospital2018-02-18
Horacio 'diamond' OppenheimerThe BrassicasSomerset Hospital2018-02-18