The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'Blaster' Matthew TellezCam CombustorsThe Wilderness2019-05-26
Eva 'Caliber' ThackerCam CombustorsThe Wilderness2019-05-26
Benjamin BrandtScarzams SandmenThe Pit2019-05-26
'Tinker Toy' Fredericka DelahoussayeEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2019-05-26
Another Morgan death, another Delahoussaye member gone, how that family fights the wilderness back.
Gregory JacobFireWolfThe Wilderness2019-05-26
Rudolph GillettDirty LickinsThe Wilderness2019-05-26
shot through the heart on gateway return. Stepped out to flip car after killin countless clowns and they came. He surrendered but they would have none of it. Blasts of gatling gun ruptured his heart. Dirty bastards. We shall chase them across this blasted earth, and burn every last one of em.
Ana 'Mrs.' JonesKekistani Meme VeteransThe Wilderness2019-05-24
Stella 'Trigger' WeeCam CombustorsThe Wilderness2019-05-21
'Lady' Valerie CortezCam CombustorsThe Wilderness2019-05-21
Anthony BraswellScarzams SandmenThe Wilderness2019-05-21
Francis ChambleeScarzams SandmenThe Wilderness2019-05-20
Lawrence 'Pistol' ThompsonEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2019-05-20
Was just handgunner from Gateway Ped league... saved our butts in Morgan by jumping out and pedding our pursuer.
James 'Dodgy' DodgeCrazyCatsThe Wilderness2019-05-19
Joy 'The Psycho' WardMain StreetSomerset Dirt Racing Track2019-05-16
Brenda DavyScarzams SandmenThe Pit2019-05-16
'Getty Guzzlin' Joshua GuzmanSuperAwesome VillainsForever!The Dunes2019-05-12