The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'Zombie killin' Joyce NavaRolloversSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Kevin 'Grease' JohnsonSteels motorised platoonSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Archie 'General' SessomsSteels motorised platoonSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
'Dora' Dorothy HurleySteels motorised platoonSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
'Headshot' Herbert KillianFreewheel BurningSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Kellie 'Mutilator' ZookDesert RacersSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Bill 'Carrot' DalrympleDesert RacersSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Edward 'The DOC' BourgaultdustdevilsSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Gary 'What's that?' Howard11 Bang-BangSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Sharron 'Greasie' Philpot11 Bang-BangSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
George 'Is The New' BlackThe Dark KnightsSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
'Revs' Ruth RomeroheadXplodeSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Zane 'Zee' ZookheadXplodeSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
'Cherokee' Kevin ChaffinSeekersSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
'Bones' Zachery ElliottSeekersSomerset Hospital2018-05-13
Jessica JuhlGarage BoyzSomerset Hospital2018-05-13