The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Mark WestPostapocalypse PaladinsThe Wilderness2020-04-05
'The Deutsch' Terry HeuerComancheThe Wilderness2020-04-05
'Captian' Donald CaplanSmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2020-04-05
Allison 'Very' GurleyVault DwellersSomerset Junkyard Track 32020-04-05
Leader by default rather than design - died off her head on zerk fighting the best in Evan - not a bad way to go for one our ancients.
Aaron DahlThe Salthill SluggerzThe Wilderness2020-04-05
James WadeSplurs ScroungersSomerset Hospital2020-04-03
John GenoveseSplurs ScroungersSomerset Hospital2020-04-03
Paul Floydthe mad mad crushersThe Wilderness2020-04-03
Maria 'Slammin' SwiftJack In A CarThe Wilderness2020-04-02
Florida 'LifeSA' BeachFyve Fynger FiendsThe Wilderness2020-04-02
Life was a beach, until it wasn`t.
Heather 'Rocket' HuntTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2020-04-02
Free Recruit Started at 37 Gunnery Skill.
Heather was a up and coming Rocket Gunner that showed potential from the day of hire. The lil vixen seen stars all the way. Every rocket was a tracer of light, every explosion was her show.
In the end her hands on the HRR sent her off, she didn`t hesitate to continue to fire at point blank.
Charles 'Napalm' BrownTheFireDragonsThe Wilderness2020-04-02
The FireDragons greatest Ballistic ganger was a fickle beast. Charles would be caught licking his fingers after handling napalm reloads and would smile as if he found the sugar stash. His calculated mind would really shine in a heated battle, smooth on the controls of a CGL or NAP each move knowing its place.
James 'Dakka' Shayblue rockThe Wilderness2020-04-02
Jackqueline 'Jaws' JeanbaptisteSlaughterHouse Bath and LodginThe Wilderness2020-04-01
Mamie DavisClan HammerThe Wilderness2020-04-01
William BigClan HammerThe Wilderness2020-04-01