Player-owned camps are located throughout the continent, and are constructed using fortifications and buildings/resources of various types. A camp's manufacturing and finances are managed by its owner; other members of the camp may hold lockups and keep their vehicles and characters there. The sharing of expenses and profits is negotiated between the camp owner and its other members.

Area 51 1/2
Redneck Coalition Headquarters
Hollow Grounds
The Wabbit Hole
Republic of Kekistan
Courts of Chaos
The Gentlemens Club
The Pit Stop
The Curious Dragon
Kingdom of Longo
White House Official Rural Enterprise
Smokey and the Bandits
F. and S. Engineering
Wulfs Lair
Mount Morgan Mutant Mayhem Mission
Hive of Villainy and Scum
Custom Iron
Raptures End
The Brickyard
Tangos U-Build-IT
The Junkyard
Somerset Sanitarium