League Titles

Somerset Spring Challenge 2066

Gateway Autumn Extravaganza 2066

Gateway Autumn Extravaganza 2067

Somerset Spring Challenge 2067

Somerset Pedestrian Combat #1 2067

Northern Paintball 2067

Gateway Winter Meltdown 2067

Evan Paintball Combat 2067

Gateway Pedestrian Combat 2069

Somerset Pedestrian Combat #1 2073

Somerset Pedestrian Combat #2 2073

Gateway Pedestrian Combat 2073

Elmsfield Two Guineas 2073

Somerset Pedestrian Combat #1 2074

Current League and Ladder Membership (year: 2087)

Evan Race Ladder
Evan Deathrace Ladder
Evan Arena Combat Ladder
Evan Paintball Combat Ladder
Somerset Winter Warmup League
Circuit of Evan Wilderness Rally I League
Circuit of Evan Wilderness Rally II League
Circuit of Evan Rally III League
Somerset Pedestrian Combat #1 League

League Activity This Week

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