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Southern Agression, Beasts, back at it again!
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The spectators of the early morning CoE3 watch in amazement as the lonely Beasts manage to *almost* take first despite racing against 2 others, one of which playing blocker for a majority of said rally, with the one and only reason they hadnt won, being said blocker being A. a blocker, and B. non-sportsman like conduct of skipping gates.

Earl Lopez, the first one back due to the winner having a severely broken engine, and the blocker having, again, skipped gates, walked into the tavern, and some swear he laughed all the way over.

"as always, we Beasts prove them fools who's REALLY boss! 1v2 and one blockin like a sunuvagun, and they still BARELY put us 2nd!"

hed once again laugh a moment

"imagine the headlines" he'd make a hand motion as he said this "Beasts Ravage the Pride of 2 By Themselves!"
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Posted Apr 7, 2024, 10:50 am
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