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Death Defying Roady, ZE TURIN KILLA cant die yet!
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Despite having failed their mission of intercepting the early Circuit of Evan I rally, the 2 Beasts, 'Pain in' Michelle Apple, and 'Absinthe' Allen Anderson still celebrate, laughing in the face of death. Michelle, due to having only taken some small flicks of shrapnel, nothing even embedding, while Allen only a piece to his upper arm, and another to his thigh, though with him being as hardy as he is, he still feels about 80% himself despite these injuries.

They waltz into Joe's, both hobbling, though for obviously different reasons, Michelle being one legged, and Allen's aforementioned thigh shrapnel.

Allen, with a slightly pained laugh.
"those fools couldnt even destroy that rig! them mechs said they could put back into shape easily, minus...mabye a few kinks?"

Michelle, also chuckling
"shoot...you'd think it would be in total disrepair, but the mechs ain't even ask fer that elusive chrome ta do it!"

theyd both get a drink, just laughing about this and that about the rally, overall celebrating even though they had failed. as their opponents failed to capitalize on the failure!
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Posted Feb 25, 2024, 7:59 am
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