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Beastly Mystery: Reunion, All missing members roll into BL!
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Earlier this morning, a small squad of apes and voyagers rolled in, at first it just seemed like some form of ragtag courier, but then one by one all 22 of the remaining Beasts stepped out of the vehicles.

Like in Morgan they were swarmed by curious townies, asking many questions, such as

"Where have you been?"
" how are you alive? "
"What was the place like?"

and so many more. Unfortunately though, not one was answered. As all of these Beasts either seemed not to understand them, or simply ignored the townies while walking along to the base of the Beasts.

Like last time, however, some of the townies picked up on the fact that they seemed to be murmuring to each other in some other language, and had some thick accent. Except for one which stood out, the easily recognizable Jill Kaufman, one of the old leaders of the gang, before her thunder was taken by the once rowdy Ruby Fisher.

Jill was leading the way, and again like in Morgan, was the only one of the whole group who could speak to the townies, though she had some weird accent, and she instead demanded the townies make way for the Beasts.

Later on, the group reappeared a few folks short, and they all started loading back into the very rigs they had arrived in, and proceeded to leave for Gateway.

Perhaps more info will finally be spilled there? Though the townies have doubts, as Jill did not seem as her old self, before she was a kind hearted gal, a great leader of the Beasts, but it seems that, whatever this place is, has turned her and her fellow "Mystery Beasts" cold hearted.
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Posted Dec 29, 2023, 1:52 am
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