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Beastly Mystery: Revealed?, Long lost members just showed up!
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Despite years passing since they were last seen driving off from BL, 3 members have just checked into the Morgan Inn. And the few townies who saw them couldnt help but ask

"Where in the world have you folks been? How are you not covered in frostbite after being out in that cold for so long!?"

all they had gotten was a quiet "We was out on the other side of the ol' mountain range, in this little pocket settlement..was really quite cozy out there" from the only one of the trio that seemed to speak, while the others murmered in...another language??

More questions were asked to those long lost Beasts about this curious place as they were checking in, but they were all simply replied to with

"We already gave ya alla info ya need, and alla info we allowed ta give.."

Of course, at the time the Beasts which were there only had one free space left in their room. After some time 2 other Beasts that had been there, 'William Richardson' and 'Michael Houston' had walked out, again being asked similar questions. And, they were given similiar answers.

They then walked over to the small shack they called their garage, and sat while waiting for an ape which had been sitting quite some time to cold start, before finally leaving for BL.

One of the townies did wonder though..why did the only one of the trio that spoke to them seem to have this weird accent behind him? He didnt have it before going to whatever strange place they were at, as evident by the various recordings of transmissions from before they had gone missing...and, why did the other two seem to mumble to each other in a totally different language altogether?

what is known, atleast, is that this mystery has been revived, and that 3 of the 25 missing Beasts have been...found..?
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Posted Dec 27, 2023, 9:55 pm
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