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PC Gamer Review: "The brutality of Darkwind is the most appealing thing about it. Your team ages ... You'll give them nicknames, train them, get attached to them, maybe even unlock specialities ... and then they'll die."

Overall Score: 80%


May 9th, 2012

Morgan, the 9th town in Darkwind, has now been released. Morgan is an isolated town nestled high in the Western Mountains. Beset by local pirates, it is a place where players will have to work together to gain special training bonuses.

Morgan arrives with 5 new wilderness maps, bringing the total to 82. And there's more coming soon!

Darkwind is a free turn based tactical car combat game in the style of car wars online and Mad Max online. A free car wars computer game or car combat MMO. A turn based online strategy role playing game or war game. Similar games include Jagged Alliance, the Car Wars boardgame, and X-Com.

Battle for survival and supremacy in the gritty post-apocalyptic world of vehicular combat where strategy and tactics determine winners and losers. Manage your gang, train your characters, design your own cars and scavenge for parts. Make your fortune in racing, deathracing and arena combat leagues, or venture into the wilderness and engage in tense multiplayer battles with pirates, traders and other players. Trade for parts, cars and weapons in the dynamic economy of a world where your characters will age, sustain permanent injuries, and die. The detailed weapon stats, and the detailed combat system with critical hits, injuries and healing, psychology and leadership ensure a strategic challenge like few other games. Award winning in the indie gaming community, acclaimed in the main-stream computer gaming press and praised in the war-gaming media: Play it yourself to find out why. No time limit free play. Set up a gang of characters and compete in races, death-races and arena combat leagues for an unlimited amount of time for free.

Dark-Wind.com is a combat driving simulator. It's strategic rather than real-time, and you're not alone out there -- you control a whole gang of racers, shooters, and dirty double-crossers as you try to drive and survive what's left of our world. Dozens of thieves, misfits and assassins await your command. Arena combat, ranked races, and even paintball tournaments abound in cities across the island of Evan. It's our last refuge from a Sun that's burned away the rest of the planet. Yet life still finds a way...mutants, giant bugs, awesome mental powers...these are the harbingers of a new future for mankind. This is the new reality we are left with. It is your task to drive and survive. To kill or be killed. To be one of the players across the globe who have made Dark-Wind their own. Twist it by adding your own car and character skins, warp it with your own storylines in our community forums. Create your own destiny by managing a Camp and manufacturing headquarters. Drive to survive. Shoot to kill. Welcome, stranger, to Dark-Wind.