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Unwanted Vacation, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??
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What a weekend. The Travelers had had some close calls, some bad calls, and some hurdles to overcome. Here in Firelight, it was dark. But not night time dark. More…evil dark. Every clan out here was either Anarchists or Slavers. A few Mutants, but not the friendly kind from up north. These were the ones that gave Mutants the bad reputation they had in the first place. 9 of the Travelers found themselves here, but not on a vacation, or even a mission. They were gladiators. Roy McCoy had managed to shoot his way out, and another clan member had driven a Dustup down through what passed for roads in Firelight to pick him up and begin the slow process of evacuating everyone. They got 2 encounters in and got eaten by wolves. Such is life in Evan. The others had been competing regularly to get out of the Arena, but a large problem was presented: how to get back to civilization. The Travelers had tried sending a lightly armored, small car that could climb ANYTHING to get them out, and it didn’t make it. So the went the other way. A Landrunner with a Heavy Flaming Oil Jet, a Nitro Booster, and a spare set up tires. They were gonna make it this time. And they’d roll slow, too, which meant it might take two weeks to get everyone home, but these seniors gangers were worth the time and effort. (Short version of how they got there: I was super stoned doing a travel and an Ape knocked over my Lorry with 2 RL shots broadside in one round. I surrendered everything (2 Buzzers and 1 Lorry) without even trying. I know longer run travels stoned/drunk)
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Posted Jan 20, 2020, 4:16 pm
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