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Convoy (travelling 101), How to do an escorted travel
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Firstly this is only for the northern triangle, SS, GW and Elms, and is for new gangs who are playing on a budget, have new gangers and limited resources

You will need 5 gangers being;
1 scout skill 70+
2 drivers or LG Gangers
2 LG gunners
*it would be great if your drivers have DEF1 and your gunners have RR and SNP1 but not important.

You need 3 vehicles
a carrier van with a 4L engine 8 armour top and bottom max at rear and a lot to the sides, rest on front (no weapons) (your scout can drive this)
two mercanaries with rear facing HMGs a 3.2l engine and 2 reloads with a gunner and driver. (put your highest specced LG gunner in the gunner seat. armour 6 top and bottom max rear 20 sides rest on front. (the Gunner will reload for the driver)

and thats it 3 vehicles and 5 gangers but there are a few things to remember.....
1. Don't use apes or buzzers......the idea of using mercs is to keep your CR as low as possible.
2. Don't use Box Vans....on bumpy maps they turtle to easily, they are easy to hit and hard to control. (until you git gud)
3. Don't put weapons on the carrier van....try to keep your CR as low as possible and dropped weapons may hamper your escorts.
3a. Don't substitute the HMGs for any other weapons. (they serve 3 purposes, they increase your speed when fired and they will slow down pursuers plus they have 20 shots, so you will rarely have to reload )
4. When you start an encounter stagger your vehicles slightly, so if you get a front spawn you can turn easily without hitting your own vehicles
5. When running from the enemy DO NOT use the escorts to shield your carrier van......drive the van off forward to the left or right so any missed shots do not hit the Van.
6. Make sure your Van has HMG reloads, and keep a careful eye on the 500m mark so your van doesn't auto escape, otherwise you won't be able to reload your escorts.
7. When you first start, do travels between SS and Elms, your encounters will be easier and maps are better for running.
8. Don't overload your van.....filling your van with stone or heavy cargo will make it to slow.....and a little spare space is great for any loot you may get from encounters (personally i would run the van as empty as possible the first few runs and fill it up with loot from your encounters).
9. Unless your at the gates NEVER EVER TAKE LOOT CARS.....no matter how rare they are.
10. At the start of the encounter always target your HMGS on any rocket car even if they are out of your weapons arc.....quite often this will cause them to veer away from you putting you safely out of their weapons arc.
11. If the travel turns to #### don't hesitate to surrender. Better to lose 50k in vehicles than 5 trained gangers.

If you follow this guide you will rarely get more than 3 enemies, don't get excited after a few successful runs, and swap the van for a box van or lorry, or add more escorts. Don't get impatient and go with a low scout skill, otherwise you may find your encounters stuffed from the start.

Put the fuel tank in your carrier van and keep your mercs with a 2 size tank. Also if the encounter looks like its going to be a long chase stagger your shots so not all your HMGs run out of ammo at the same time.

Happy Travels :cyclops:
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Excellent advice.
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Posted Jan 11, 2019, 2:06 pm
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A big thing to remember also, don't forget your mission.

If your moving goods from point a to point b, do just that. If you shoot up your opponents, and they chicken out and you get offered the option to let the rest of the undemoed cars a chance to escape, do just that. You may need the extra ammo or armor if you get another encounter. 

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