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Expression Of Interest, Camp built high end items
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Who wants some high-end stuff?   

E.g. Ambyís, V12, MM etc.

I have a new Extra Large BL camp (The Toy Factory - TTF) 552 miles from BL and 633 miles to SF, also a route to TX 619 miles via another camp.

Whatís required?    MORE FAME

For those not familiar with camps and camp fame, fame is related to building up keep.
TTF max fame = 378, so max building upkeep is $37,800.
Upkeep = fame x 100.

So More Fame = More Upkeep = More camp buildings that can be utilised = More Mechanics working = Higher Mechanic Rating = Rare High End Items

Building            Upkeep Cost
Mechanic Shop    3000
House                   750
Lockup Building     500
Water Plant           1000
Oil Plant               2000
Factory                 12000
Pumpkin Field         250
Metals Plant           3000
Stone Plant           1000
Plastics Plant        2000

At 378 fame only 8 MS, 1 F, 1 H, 1 WP OR 2 PF can be supported.

How do you get more fame?

Win certain Racing Leagues, win Squad Combat League or purchase League Sponsorships.
So, I am putting it out there for interested players to join together in a syndicate of sorts.
Pool our cash equally and then purchase some sponsorships. Auctions for sponsorships start around the 2-5 million mark.

Cash required to enter depends on the # of players wanting to join, how much fame is to be purchased, competing bids and any fame won from events.

Production boosts won from events would be beneficial also, obviously speeding up production time. Unfortunately, Iíve never been a big racer in the leagues that matter due to my time zone and Iíve always been more interested in scouting and camp play. Maybe if the production and fame boosts are won your pool money could be discounted some or get an extra MM or something.

Camp Configuration

If the top 2 sponsorships where purchased an extra 375 AND 450 fame total upkeep would be 120,300.
Which could give the following building configurations:
15 MS, 6 F, 4 H, 1 PF
OR 14 MS, 6 F, 4 H, 1 PP, 1 WP, 1 PF
OR 19 MS, 5 F, 3 H


Note MS 15 x 4 = 60 mechs    5 players = 12 mechs each

Will this be enough to get the desired MR (mechanic rating) to build the stuff we desire?
Turin 160 MR, Amby 180 MR, Mounted Mortar 155 MR, 5LV12 150 MR, 7LV12 170 MR, click manufacture on wiki home page for more info.

As part of the syndicate you would also be required to bring your best mechs to camp, no point buying the sponsorships if we donít get the MR up. The # of mechs required once again depends on the # of players wanting to join, max fame, # of mech shops, quality of the mechs and the required MR.

Mech workload (repair points each day) will probably be another issue as scouting squads need to do repairs and loot needs to be broken down. I would suggest limiting A Armor to TTís, FEís, chasers, not front line buzzerís to conserve repair points. Consideration would also have to be taken for those that play at different times so all the points donít get used up in the first few hours of the DW day.

There is no way everyone is going to be able to supply the same level of mechs. Is this fair if produced items are distributed evenly? Probably not, but what do you do thatís not messy and complicated to make it fair. The same could be said for donated resources. Itís just the way it has to be. Suggestions?

Why would I do this?

Letís say the 2 sponsorships cost 15 Million, 5 people in the syndicate thatís 3 million each. You canít even buy 1 amby for that (*not including other costs, e.g. upkeep which will be > half a million a month). Each syndicate member should receive more than just an amby for the Sponsorship year also, making it a cheap way to get the items you want and not have to pay a marked-up price for them from the SS market.


Camp expenses would have to be taken into account also, such as weekly camp maintenance (upkeep), food, water and factory retooling costs.
TTF has food and water producing facilities so this is something that will not need to be trucked in either but is still an expense for the camp to make. Food and water would probably have to be stockpile before sponsorships are purchased.

Scouting and Loot

Each player would also have to maintain an active scouting squad at camp to supply the hungry factories (v12ís use lots of epís), this also means you would have to supply yourself with ammo and break down just about everything looted. I wouldnít expect you to break down a 100% HGG though for example but a damaged one < 90%, yes I would.

Depending on the MR level, disruptions to this by getting ammo with active camp mechs or running loot cars to town is not productive to the other syndicate members if MR drops to low and production stops. I would suggest stocking up on ammo at camp before sponsorships are purchased and/ or have a separate supply/ loot squad.

Storage and Max Combat Rating

Hopefully storage wonít be an issue if I have enough mech shops/ lock ups built. If not, Lorries may be required for storage. Same applies to Max CR at camp, should not be an issue while the fame from the sponsorships is available and the camp has a high MR, will be a different story before and when it runs out and goes back to say the 8 MS again or loot cars are not broken down.

Produced Items

Then there is the problem of fair and even distribution of the produced items to all parties. We all may have to continue the syndicate on for another year so everyone gets a certain item, maybe some donít want or need that item, maybe we donít want to stop or someone wants out. These are things that will have to be worked out when it happens.


There is also the problem of your gang staying financial while this is all happening as no doubt a fair few of your gangerís will be tied up to camp.
Maybe your gang needs to be large enough to still have a SS scout crew if this is where you make your living, lock ups may have to be cleared out to cut weekly costs, camp owners may be able to survive on selling stock piled camp built items, capperís may need to be killed off and recruits trained. Everyoneís situation is different. Can you raise the cash to start with?


Yay, you are still here if you are reading this, hopefully this means you are interested. Feel free to IM or PM me, comment here, whatever. I would have liked to discuss this with players separately I know, but I do not want to have to repeat myself over and over. Also, there are players I donít know who may be interested which is what this camp was built for, Toys for all.

Oh, TTF is still under construction, hopefully ready for Sponsorship action next Darkwind year!
Current buildings Stone Plant x2, Factory x5, House x3, Pumpkin Field x2, Water Plant x2 and Mechanic shops x15. With heaps of room to play with still.

vet wv0,1,0

Posted Apr 15, 2018, 12:46 pm
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