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Road Wars, Death Race style PC game
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Road Wars at its heart is a death race akin to that of many car combat board games of the past. This game ,however, is a  action racer. Despite this game being a racer, the combat does not feel second nature as it does in other games.

I could see this game being very fun in a multiplayer environment.

Alas lets get into the game.


The game modes here on offer are Quick Race, Single Race, and Season.

Quick race you will jump in with your chosen car and track. You will be equipped with a roll of the dice equipment and skin for your vehicle.

Single race starts you off with a some of money and the ability to equip what you see fit for the track you picked. The limited funds makes single race challenging fun.

Season is where most of your single player fun will be had. There are three seasons: Amateur, Pro and Extreme. Pro and Extreme having a buy in of 100,000 and 200,000 consecutively.

It may sound like a lot. but each first place win nets you 25,000 each. I promise though, you won't be making a huge lot off of your first season, unless you manage to land the gold pot like I did on the final race which netted me 55,000.

Now why does all that cash come into play?


This is where a lot of your time will be spent in between races. Here you repair damage from previous races, buy weapons and upgrade your vehicle. At this moment I'm not sure if the upgrades carry over to the next season yet.

To perform good on each track you will have to buy a specific type of tire, while this isn't mandatory and you think you can handle a track with your current tires you can ignore the warning message.

This warning message has saved me from spending too much money without buying the right tires.

And while a lot of these upgrades are expensive as such are repairs, it never feels unfair.

Which if your car is destroyed in a race you are still given a sum of 5,000 to at least repair a bit of damage and get a starter set of tires in your class to start the next race and have a fighting chance.


There are 12 racers to choose from the start. each having a special ability to help you through your season. I would try to match the ability that best suits your play style.

For example if you want to go purely for speed Avenging Angel gets 25% off of drive train parts. Or another character gets free tires saving you a few thousands to be spent elsewhere. Or a character that can't be locked on by missiles or another that won't be locked on by turrets, etc.

Which brings us to the 12 tracks.

Of the 12 tracks they also have reverse variants, which in this game, unlike some others, don't just make them feel different it also adds difficulty to some of the easier tracks.

You see each track is littered with turrets that will shoot rockets at you, or APCs that riddle you with bullet fire. As you are hit with fire your vehicle will react to the hits. In some cases when you are low on armor and highly damaged that sweet short cut my be heavily defended.

In this case I feel like it would be better to take the path of least resistance and survive for a little money and the one thing you don't get when you DNF, Points.

The AI doesn't get any unfair advantage in this case. They are targeted just like you and if they suffer a DNF and don't have the cash to fully repair their car they will come in still damaged from the last race.

This game also says the AI will have rivalry with the player if the player harasses them and etc. I don't particularly have any solid proof of this.


The graphics are very 2001. This doesn't bother me as it might some people.

There is actually deformation on the cars as well. as collisions and missiles hit your car it will deform and twist which will also effect handling.

There is also a "chome" or "Shine" Option that reminds me of the enchantment effect from old school morrowind, but on new systems it causes the vehicles to become invisible. Which I'm happy to have the option off. I personally find those effects ugly.

To get the game working is a simple affair.

1. Run the installer as Admin
2.After install open up the ISO or CD
3. Copy and extract the Directx.CAB (winrar can do this.)
4. Locate d3drm.dll and copy to your install folder.
5. Download D3DImm.dll (pulled from one of my old PCs should be 100%)
6. Make sure you have a glide wrapper installed like dgvoodoo (if you play old games like me you already do)
7. Enjoy!

Like mentioned above, if your cars are appearing invisible go to the option menu and turn off the "Chrome Mapping"

I can't say anything on multiplayer as I haven't played with anyone to test it out.   
vet wv

Posted Mar 19, 2018, 2:13 pm
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