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The Scroungers are back in town.
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The Scroungers had only been in town a few hours when Carroll says to his group of 6,
"Right boys we are back down here to get some training and hopefully drag in one of those ever elusive Fire Engines, so load up these 2 Buzzers to the brim with ammo and lets roll out"

The squad rolls out of Badlands with 4 of the 6 gangers new anything south of Gateway, both drivers gripping the steering wheels white knuckled expecting death behind every hill, the squad moves out of the area around Badlands and moves towards the long flats known as "The Lonesome Highway" getting towards their limit of fuel Carroll is just about to command the squad home with no luck when Omar looks in his rear view mirror and blood drains from his face.
"U.... Um.... Carroll.... I'm sorry I didn't see them, they weren't there a second ago I swear, #### THEY GOT A FIRE TRUCK, WE ARE DEAD!"
Carroll having seen how nasty an ambush can get turns expecting to see the grill of the Fire Engine. "Omar! Calm down you fool and drive, they are 150m away" Picking up the radio "Up to 50 boys, and make sure that Fire Engine doesn't do anything funny"
"Speed up, slow down, shoot off a round or 2, speed up, slow down." Orders came from Carroll, as he kept the cars in range enough to fire off a shot or 2 but not to let them get too close.
WOOOSH!!!!! A tank gun round flew over the top of the car.
"Damn that was close get some more distance and park on that ridge over there, hopefully we can thin some more of the pack before having to take out the Fire Engine"
The squad parks on a small ridge and takes out another car. "Ease the throttle again boys they are closing on us" More HMGs fire off and a few rockets get fired and Carroll notices that the buzzer isn't moving.
"Its ok boss they are still a ways back"
The engine revs up as Omar guns the Buzzer, and quickly realizes his mistake.
WOOOSH!!!! WOOSH! Another 2 tank gun rounds go over head. The HMGs slowly peeling armour off the heavily armoured FE.
BOOOOM! Another round tears armour off the back of the buzzer.
"Sorry boss I got nothing up here, the recoil is un controllable"
BOOOOM! Carroll sees light shining through the back of the buzzer, the rear armour all but gone. "Well boys it was good knowing you all" Calmly firing his last HMG round awaiting for the tank gun to fire again and finish them off.
Just before the gun fires Omar manages to get the buzzer to bite and the car viciously swings to the left.
BOOOOM! Carroll pats himself down and still not believing it notices the left side of the buzzer now shedding armour to the massive gun.
"FIRE!" Nicolous yells. Carroll and Nicolous scramble to put out the fire.
Over the radio Ernest says "The Fire Engine is turning, we must of put enough holes in it to turn it back for the time being"
Carroll who had forgotten all about the other member of his squad in the battle coughing and wheezing from the fire watches the rear HMG burn away, most of the ammo burn and throws the rest out the back trying to contain the fire.
"Ok the fire is out and we have some distance park it over there by the hill, and we will hopefully still get that bastard engine!"
"You mean we are still fighting in this thing boss?"
"Omar it was your dumb arse fault that we got shot up so badly last time, and if we go back empty handed Colton will kill you himself! Now keep your wits about you and we will be fine"
The squad park up and with other a few cars limping towards them HMGs and a RL fire off taking out all but the Mutant Masher and the Fire Engine.
"Omar get this thing moving! Faster!"
"I can't boss, the engine is cooked, I am going as fast as I can"
"Well turn us around then, we have 2 more to go and then we are home free"
"Turn around? You want me to turn to the Fire Engine?!"
"OMAR TURN AROUND! One round into our rear and we are all dead"
More rockets and HMGs fired off, then over the radio once again "Its on fire! We won!"

Carroll looks and sees the Fire Engine starting to burn, and knowing how volitile they are swears "####! CEASE FIRE, I SAY AGAIN CEASE FIRE. TAKE DOWN THAT MASHER AND HOPE LIKE HELL THE FIRE GOES OUT!"

A few more well placed HMG rounds scares the masher enough to turn tail and run.

"Ok boys the fight is ours, we just need to put out the blaze in front of us, Nicolous I don't care about anything else you just put out the fire and get that engine driving!"

A few hours pass, the fire extingushed and Nicolous finally says " Hey Carroll listen to this" He cranks the key and the Fire Engine coughs to life. "She runs terribly however she runs"
"Ok boys, load up"
With a quick change of vehicles, and being very light on both ammo and armour the squad some how miraculously limps the crippled Fire Engine back through the gates of Badlands without so much as even seeing another car on the roads.

OOC: A very edge of the seat run, and was very worried when I mucked up the speed, twice. But very happy I managed to limp the FE back into town.
S892224 is the event number for those interested.

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Posted Jan 24, 2017, 10:41 am
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