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Welcoming old, new friends
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Nathaniel Rose.. perhaps "the" lowest of the Blood and Iron Syndicate was doing the same boring thing... day after day.

Training with his trusty AR-15.. shooting scrap and cans, looking into the markets when told, and going to the local pub for his daily numbing.

This continued on for at several months, with little or no break from the monotony. Yeah occasional some of the other guys would stop prior to another convoy leaving, but other than that.. Same ol' Same ol'

Until... "HE" walked in. An older gentleman in a dusty cloak, slightly gray around the edges... but he had that...look.. for lack of a better term.

Not an over large man... but something about him...

Downing a metal cup of liquid courage, he goes to find out what this man is about.

Surprising Nate, the man turns to him. "Don't bother with the schtick, youngster!, I have been wandering the wastes for over 4 years now, since my old boss went belly up"

Nate looked at him curiously... "What could you possibly do for us, might I ask?"

"Give you my name for starters.. Marshall, Marshall Brown. But you can call me Gunner. I used to work for a crew called the Ghosts of Retribution... ages ago.... but for some reason... the boss abandoned us.. and we have wandering ever since."

Nate considered his words.. then asked "Can you come with me for a moment or too then, just want to "check" your credentials"

"Sure thing Youngster"

Nate brought the man down to the local 'Iron testing range.

Nearby several vehicles with various weapons, sat... almost expectantly.

Gunner looked them over, some very appreciatively, sat in a parked Landrunner with a pair of heavy machine guns, stick out of ports in the back.

"Where you want me to drop the lead, Youngster?"

Nate peered around.. spied a yellow painted sheet of metal about 1 meter in diameter, roughly 120m away.

"You see that yellow bit over there, try to shoot that"

"Will do, kid"

Marshall fired up the Landy, it's V8 revving to angry life... looked over the guns, checked the ammo... and then dropped the clutch....

He flew around the yard... then in tight circles for a few moments.. test firing then weapons in short bursts.

Nate looked more dubious with his dirty earmuffs on, waiting for "Gunner" to do something other than joyride...

Marshall... unexpectedly pulled up, turned off the motor, and got out.

"Being a merc not your thing old man? You quitting already?" Nate quipped.

"Quitting? I've only just started, Young 'un"

Then the black phone at the range, rings.. curious, Nate picks up the phone... "Yeah.. Hello?"

Marshall watches as the Youngster blanches... and quietly hands over the phone to him. After a few moments of listening "Sure thing... be on my way in few minutes...." he replied

Marshall hangs the phone back on the cradle, while a very nervous Nate looks on.

"Well kid.. it's been fun... maybe I'll see you out there sometime" as he jumps in the Landy... fires it up and drives it out of the yard.

Nate unsure of what to say, especially when the "Big Boss", not Ditto called. He wanders around in thought for a few, then sees something peculiar.

We wanders over to the yellow piece of scrap....

What used to be painted metal.. now was a smiley face and the word "Gunner" above it... He wasn't sure which was worse....

That the picture and words looked like a sewing machine did it, how the Big Boss knew, or ... outside of a blip on on the radar..

It was the Same Ol', Same Ol'

(OOC Marshall "Gunner" Brown... Age 39, Weakening health, Str 40, Dex 55, Spd 62... Large Guns - 174)
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