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Can't Touch This
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  'Do what!?' Viola shouted incredulously to the receiver in her hand, and then swore loudly as the looted BPU shuddered under the blasts of another volley of rocket fire. Thumbing the switch on the side of the handset she spat out, 'Right boss' and tossed it aside to grip the wheel with both hands. Spinning the wheel as far left as it would go, she jerked at the handbrake as she tumbled out the door.

  Not daring to look back, Viola rolled to her feet and sprinted ahead, lugging her trusty rifle with her. 'Nearly there' she thought to herself, just as she heard the whoosh of rocket propellant behind her. Her step faltered for only a moment as the rockets sped by, but she gained her footing and a smug grin a she heard the thunderous crash of metal on metal behind her. Better then she could have hoped for, her pursuer had collided with the truck she'd just ditched.

  Taking the longest ground eating strides she could muster, Viola dove into the crevice 'Jig Saw' Jennifer had directed her to just as she heard the angry hum of large caliber bullets buzzing by near her head. Using the butt of her rifle almost as an oar, she managed a degree of control to her descent into the deep pockmark in the earth. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she slowed to a stop intact at the base of the pit.

  Viola took a knee to steady herself, brought her rifle to her shoulder, and began to scan the perimeter of the mouth above her, daring to hope she'd get out of it alive. 'It's a miracle you made it this far' she thought to herself as the sound of shots from the bug's high caliber weapon cracked the air, followed closely by the satisfying ping of bullets piercing armor.

  Just as she'd managed to slow her breathing to a semblance of normalcy, a deafening roar reverberated through the pit, painfully assailing her ears. Viola looked up... to see the undercarriage of the Vampire careening over her head, nose first into the pit. She stood paralyzed, her feet frozen in place and jaw working silently as the vehicle plummeted down at her. Involuntarily her eyes squeezed shut as her last moment approached. But instead of smashing her bones to pulp, the muscle car simply became wedged nose first a few meters before her.

  Viola let out a gush of breath she hadn't realized she was holding, and brought her rifle to bear on the pirate vehicle. Systematically she drove one bullet after another into the passenger door, intent on making the moron inside pay for trying to crush her with his car. Perhaps too intent, she would think later when she had the time, as she did recognize the approach of the pirate driving a Buccaneer that decided to join his friend in barreling at speed into the pit, fanatically obsessed with the attempt to end her insignificant life.

  Viola looked up and watched dumbfounded as the grill of the Buccy drew ever nearer, and time seemed to slow. It was as if she left her body for a moment, floating above. It was like she was watching someone else who looked like her as her knees buckled and she collapsed to the earth. She watched the dust and debris fly into the air as the murderous car plowed into the wall of the pit, and as she collapsed into a heap in the filth at the bottom. As the air was forced from her lungs, the floating feeling was ripped from her and she rushed... back into herself.

  Opening her eyes that had once again squeezed shut, she saw a tyre spinning slowly above. It was next to the undercarriage of the second car, firmly wedged atop the first. She was trapped beneath them, but she was unharmed still. Viola Hartley laughed. It was a disturbed, hysterical laugh, that only became more robust as she began to unload rifle rounds through the bottom of her second would-be killer.

  Some time later, Jig Saw teetered on her prosthetic leg, hauling Viola over the edge of the pit by a rope. Her scarred face fixed Viola with a fierce glare as she said, 'Next time, you don't question my orders. You do as your told.'  She paused for affect, and added as she clapped her hand on Viola's shoulder and grinned 'And just maybe, you'll live that time too.'

[Narrative based on event S404303, worth a watch if ever a replay was.]
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Posted Oct 28, 2011, 9:51 am
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'Iceman' Steven Bianco watches in fascinated horror through the high powered lens as his friend jumps into a ditch. He had been on a routine mail run between Texan and Shantyville when he saw the commotion of battle ahead, he stopped to watch. These Binoculars were a rare find, but then most scouts run across rare treasures as they find there way in ever increasingly diverse paths across evan.
He was sure Viola was done for, and watched with morbid curiosity as they started to haul the cars out of the pit. It was taking longer to pull the cars out than he would ever have thought, 'Why would it take so long to pull a couple cars from a pit?' he thought to himself. He dared not even think she was alive still, no one could have lived through that. When the last car was out his mind raced, no one climbs into a pit to pull a body out, its far to treacherous out here to risk it. He started to wonder if perhaps Viola was mangled but alive down there.
To Stevens wonder and surprise someone bent down, extending a hand, and Viola was lifted from the pit seemingly unharmed.
Another amazing feat of courage and luck, he knew he would have to ask her how she lived when they met at the rusty nail later that night, it was a story eh couldn't wait to hear.
He was starting to stand back up and looked over his shoulder, a large cloud of dust was approaching. He looked through the lenses again 'Shantyville police' he thought to himself 'I better get out of here, looks like I'm not the only one who heard this battle'.
He climbed into the drivers seat of his powerful BPU, painted to be somewhat camouflaged in the wastelands to the South, and hit the gas, not bothering to spend time buckling up. He turned hard right toward a rough part of the land "lets see how well you can 'wheel'"! he yelled out the window, and headed for the moguls. Few people knew this area off road like he did and he knew they had no chance at all of even coming within firing distance.
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