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Pit Stop
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Mike was mad, real mad. As his squad was on it's way to Shantyville from Texan, they'd been jumped by 4 cars, among them a Black Rock that cut off the four lorries that he still had communication with, the other three had gotten far enough ahead he didn't have to worry about them.

When he got the word, he gave the order to ram the bugger. Four fully loaded Lorries with Reinforced rams on the front against a lowly Landrunner ought to be good watching.

Well that was the plan anyways.

The first lorry hit it at full speed, bounced backwards at over twenty miles and hour. The second lorry couldn't get out of the way, and now Mike was stuck in Shantyville until he could find an Eight or a Nine point Four Liter engine on the market.

He was still wondering how a Landy managed to put a fully loaded Lorry from full speed ahead to full speed reverse when he saw the ugliest mutie he'd ever seen.

"God I hate this town."
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Posted May 17, 2011, 2:03 pm
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