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-In a Corghette a few miles out of shantyville-

(Paulson) - We're almost there now, just a few more miles and we should be there.

(Theresa) - You could have driven faster you know, this baby can certainly do more than 30mph...

- And get us killed you mean, I thought those other two ambushes would have taught you by now, besides, we don't know the area, she didn't send a guide with us or anything...

"- You mean the ones that let us trough without a fight, It's all good, the road has been free for the last few hour... oh hell, why did I say anything..."

As the car comes around a hill, 4 vehicles become visible, blocking the path, a loud, commanding voice can be heard via the short range radio...

"- Well well, that's a mighty fine ride you have there, I think we both can agree that it would be in your best interest to hand it over, a "donation" to the police is always welcome!"

Theresa sighs, this was not the first time someone tried to steal their car on this trip, but hopefully it would be the last.

"- We're here to meet Joe, will you please get out of the way so we can get a move on, or do I have to radio him?"

"- Wait, Joe... you may pass, just forget we ever met"

"- Well Pauley, that worked well, didn't it?"

"- No kidding, you didn't even have to mention that we're part of the Hellriders, who is this Joe guy, seems like everyone around here either fears or respects him"

"-Hell if I know, Darla never told us who he is, I've heard rumors about a "Joe" in the Hellriders before, but nobody up who seems to know anything wants to talk about it.

All she did was tell us to head to this dump as "Replacements", she didn't even tell us who we are replacing or why we are replacing them, that and to use the name "Joe Luna" if we ever ran into trouble, I'm telling you, if I didn't hear these words from Darla herself I would be gone faster tha-"

"-Leave that for now, look ahead, we've arrived and we are supposed to meet him in the tavern once we got here, and I get the feeling that he doesn't like to wait..."

(To be continued once the car arrives in town  :))
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