Eternal Travels, The Adventures Of

Sir Nexus

Posted Jan 31, 2020, 9:16 pm
Three rookie gangers lay in a ditch, apparently unconscious, there jackets emblazoned with the insignia of the Travelers. The males eyes flutter, and he blinks, trying to grasp his surroundings. He gets up on one elbow, and sees the two female gangers also beginning to stir. As he gets to his feet, he begins to panic. The two females are barely up when he begins shouting "Wheres the ####ing Buzzer?! We parked it right here! Henry is going to kill us!" The two females, also very awake at this point, begin looking around frantically. As if you could misplace a Buzzer. "Well ####. We must have lost it while we were sleeping" "Do you think?! We literally JUST GOT THAT from the depot. Henry is going to GUT us." The taller female was going to mount an argument, something about a higher power, when she paused. A chittering noise was getting louder in the distance. "Crap. Insects! We better get back to Badlands Truckstop. Henry can kill us AFTER we survive the wildlife."

(I paused my scout to do a group scout. I then went to bed. Woke to find them in a footsquad, unharmed. Fairly new gangers, probably stress demoed. Whoops. We all make mistakes. I'd completly forgotten about my scout lol.)